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Lexar’s Fingerprint Flash Drive Is On Sale, Among Other Memory Cards, Portable Hard Drives, and RAM With Up To 47% Off

Lexar is having a big old sale over on Amazon at the moment, which means it’s an excellent time to grab yourself one of the best flash drives around, or upgrade one of the best desktop computers with a new SSD or some RAM.

There are a lot of options out there for, well, everything at this point, and it can be tough to know what is and isn’t a good deal. Everyone has different needs too, so that makes things even more complicated.

Thankfully, Lexar products are just very solid to begin with, and also generally at a good price point. So when they’re on sale, you can rest easy knowing you’re not only getting a good bit of tech, but also one that’s priced really well. So, here are our picks from the current Lexar Amazon sale.

$28.99 $34.99 17% off

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Security is important, especially if you carry around important digital files. While normal encryption and password protection are nice, this drive goes a bit further with a fingerprint sensor. Plus, it’s got decent speeds, 64GB capacity, and is small enough to fit anywhere.

$36.99 $44.99 18% off

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A lot of useful devices use SD cards, which is why it’s always worth grabbing good ones when they’re on sale. This 128GB card has speeds of up to 250MB/sm a large capacity making it great for cameras, and can even handle 4K video, as long as your camera can manage that.

$124.49 $139.99 11% off

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Gaming requires a lot of power nowadays, and while your GPU might already be up to the task, something some people forget is RAM. This Lexar ARES 32GB DDR5 Ram is going to boost the performance of your PC through the roof, and that’s all any of us want.

$185.49 $259.99 29% off

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Sometimes you need a new SSD, and this one’s kind of a beast. The Lexar 2TB SSD has a heatsink to make it easier on your PC, and with 2TB of storage it should be more than enough for you to install and play any games that take your fancy.

$15.99 $29.99 47% off

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Sometimes you don’t need a fancy bit of storage, you just need one that’s convenient. This little flash drive is super small for portability, has speeds of up to 250MB/s, and has 256-bit AES encryption for security as well. It’s not flashy, but it does everything it needs to.