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Lockly’s Smart Safe Is the Most Innovative We’ve Ever Seen

For many people, peace of mind ranks among their top priorities, especially when it comes to the sacred space that is their home. Unfortunately, growing concern about property crime makes it easy to stress about keeping your possessions safe.

Lockly has addressed this concern with their new Smart Safe, one of many exciting new products debuting at CES 2023. It’s a first-of-its-kind device you can control from anywhere in the world. It’s Lockly’s first time making a personal safe, but they’ve built a stellar reputation over the years, producing some of the best smart locks on the market.

Sure, there are many biometric safes out there, and many of them are perfectly capable, but none feature the innovation displayed by Lockly’s new Smart Safe.

Courtesy of Lockly

What We Love About the Lockly Smart Safe

The Lockly Smart Safe is one of the most interesting personal safes we here at have seen. It’s the first safe on the market that can be monitored remotely in real-time and controlled directly from a smartphone. You can look, but you won’t find another safe like it on the market.

It includes many features standard to other Lockly devices, like Lockly’s PIN Genie rotating keypad, eighteen months of battery life, and tamper alerts straight to your smartphone via the Lockly app.

Courtesy of Lockly

The Smart Safe’s biometric sensor is the same one included on many other Lockly products. The sensor takes less than a third of a second to recognize your fingerprint and can store 99 in total. 

There’s a lot to like about Lockly’s Smart Safe, but what we love about it is its uniqueness. There are plenty of personal safes on the market, but this is the only one that can sneak into your DMs when tampered with.

Pricing and Availability

Unfortunately, the Lockly Smart Safe isn’t available for purchase yet, but it will be soon. Lockly aims to release the Smart Safe later this Spring, with an expected retail price of $349.99. will continue to update with more news from CES 2023. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite safes currently available here.