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Lost in Transit No More: This Luggage Tracker Is a Must-Have

*Fits in your checked luggage and is both FCC certified and FAA compliant
*Operates with a GSM chip and uses local cellular networks
*Lets you track your bag online, over SMS, email or by using the free app

There’s nothing worse than stepping off a plane after a long trip only to realize your bags didn’t follow. Fortunately, the Trakdot tracker hopes to put an end to lost luggage by keeping tabs on your checked bags.

This tiny tracker is incredibly small and can be placed in your checked baggage easily and securely. It’s also 100% FCC certified and FAA compliant, which means you won’t have to worry about your luggage being flagged.

The Trakdot operates with a GSM chip that uses cell towers to give its exact location, making it more reliable and accurate than traditional GPS trackers. It’s able to send SMS texts and emails with the exact location of your luggage throughout your trip, starting from the moment you check in, all the way up to when your luggage reaches the baggage claim. It’s able to track your luggage anywhere in the world, even if it’s inside metal containers.

Powered by two AA batteries, this tracker is able to generate up to an impressive 240 hours of continuous operation. While we doubt your flight will last that long, it’s an extra measure to help make sure your luggage remains covered. 

With summer just around the corner, this is one product you might want to invest in now before you actually need it.

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