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A Last-Minute No-Fail Gift For Anyone on Your List? Smart  Charging Lamps From LumiCharge

Now that we’re into December you’re probably reaching the end of your Christmas shopping list, with only a few “impossible to shop for” people left. We all have them — your dad, uncle, college-age cousin or eclectic neighbor — who are easy to procrastinate on because not only is the right gift for them a puzzle, but anything you get them is tinged with the worry they won’t like it or use it.

We’re here to propose a gift that satisfies two needs almost everyone has: the need for light and to charge their phone. Verishop’s LumiCharge line is a selection of chic, slim charging lamps and accessories that satisfy one or both of these needs and serve as the perfect “practical” gift. Their entire collection is also available at steep discounts (some as high as 50%!) ahead of the holiday season making this the perfect time to buy.

Almost everyone, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle has a phone they plug in every night and needs a lamp on their bedside table, so even if your loved one is insisting they “don’t need anything,” we’re guessing they’ll use something from LumiCharge.

SPY Editors have hand-picked a few of our favorite LumiCharge products below and definitely encourage you to check out their entire selection for simple, well-designed tech gifts available at discounted prices for the holidays.

$39.00 $49.00 20% off

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This flagship charger from LumiCharge can provide a quick charge to multiple devices at the same time — including iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods. Note: the charging cable for the Apple Watch is not included. It’s universally compatible with Qi-enabled devices and comes equipped with an 18 watt power adapter for quick powerups.

Its design is foldable, travel friendly and adjustable for supporting vertical or horizontal charging and it has a touch multi-color night light. This would be a perfect gift for your loved one who hates a dead device and always has multiple gadgets on them.

$49.00 $99.00 51% off

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This wireless phone charging pod is built with Qi-certified fast charging and is designed to be space-saving with the ability to charge three devices at the same time. It comes with wireless and type C charging built in and is compatible with Apple, Android, Samsung, Apple and Google Pixel phones. It also supports vertical and horizontal charging. This gift would be excellent for folks with multiple phones for work and personal use, or anyone who loves a seamless charging experience.

$85.00 $159.00 47% off

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This gift combines LumiCharge’s wireless charging with a convenient, slim LED desk lamp for added functionality. It has a 10 watt Qi wireless charger on a universal phone dock and a lamp with multiple brightness for each of its three color settings: soft white, bright white and soft yellow.

It also includes a calendar display with the data, time and temperature and has a motion sensor built-in for convenient on/off. If you have someone on your list who loves a multifunctional tech accessory, this is the gift for them.

$74.00 $139.00 47% off

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This LumiCharge LED lamp is similar to the previous one with a few added benefits — including a Bluetooth speaker, UV-coated silver-infused antibacterial coating and convenient features like an Apple Watch charger, a cup for pens and pencils and a rack for headphones. The lamp can be made the default speaker for your Alexa and can take your incoming calls with the built in microphone.

This gift is perfect for a loved one who works from home and loves to jam out throughout the workday all while keeping their phone charged on the Fast Wireless charger. Did we mention it also comes with a cute pen and watch holder accessory to keep all your gadgets charging simultaneously.

$69.99 $189.99 63% off

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LumiCharge also makes a super gift-able Bluetooth speaker alarm clock that comes with eight different functions like phone charging, an alarm clock, data, time, temperature and even an FM radio. It also comes with ports for two USB chargers and an AUX connection as well. This is perfect for a loved one who prefers an alarm clock to their phone in the morning and could use an upgrade.

$39.99 $49.99 20% off

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LumiCharge’s Mini Smart Desk Lamp is an ideal choice this holiday season for the college student in the family or a recent graduate working trying to maximize minimal living space. It boasts all the same features as their other multi-functional gadgets in a smaller, slimmer size.

It’s an all-in-one charger for your phone, AirPods and Apple Watch (watch charging cable not included) combined with an LED light with 3 color options. A built-in clock will keep them on track with their study schedule, and it’s now even more affordable at 20% off for the holidays.

$89.00 $189.00 53% off

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LumiCharge’s latest product launch for this holiday season is the Lumicharge III, their highest tech lamp yet with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, integrated wireless charger, calendar clock display, motion sensing on/off, the ability to adjust color and brightness and sync with a mobile app to control the light functions.

You can pair this lamp with Alexa and/or Google smart assistants and make this your default speaker and even answer your phone calls with a built-in microphone all without having to remove your phone from the wireless charger. It also has an additional USB port and a pen holder to keep all your devices charged in one place. SPY editors have deemed this the perfect gift for your beloved tech nerd, avid reader and gadget geek.

More About LumiCharge

LumiCharge’s light and charging solutions are designed to save space and make necessary daily tasks easier with convenient features like touch sensitive controls and dimmable displays. They’re made with built-in organization features making them perfect for consolidating and minimizing a cluttered desktop, and come in both simple and high-tech versions so you can find something for everyone.