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Lyft And Waymo Team Up in an Attempt to Outmaneuver Uber

* New partnership hopes to bring driverless cars to the masses
*Waymo has the technology while Lyft has the means to bring it to market
* With Uber held up in numerous lawsuits, this could be Lyft’s chance to pull ahead

Ride-sharing service Lyft has teamed up with technology giant Waymo to bring self-driving cars to the mass market. Both companies have separately confirmed the news, though details regarding their partnership have been scarce.

Backed by Google, Waymo is seen as a pioneer when it comes to autonomous technology. In fact, the company recently launched a program to incorporate its driver-less tech into Chrysler Pacifica vans in Arizona. With Lyft’s ability to quickly bring the technology to the market, this partnership has the potential to reach more people in more areas.

According to a Lyft spokesperson, “Waymo holds today’s best self-driving technology, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared vision of improving lives with the world’s best transportation.”

The partnership is also apparently nonexclusive, meaning both Waymo and Lyft are free to collaborate with other companies and experiment with different technologies. General Motors, which invested $500 million into Lyft last year, has stated that the new partnership will have no effect on their current relationship.

While Uber is still the world’s biggest ride-sharing service in the United States, Lyft isn’t far behind. Interestingly, Waymo is also embroiled in various feuds and lawsuits with Uber, claiming the ride-sharing giant stole their autonomous technology.

With Uber’s self-driving plans currently curtailed amid numerous in-office controversies and shady business practices, this new partnership could give Lyft the boost it needs to pull ahead in the ever-growing race to release self-driving cars.