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The M1 MacBook Is On Sale: Save Up To $200 on the Best Laptop in the World for Prime Day

Last year, Spy’s Tech Editor Adrian Covert named the M1 MacBook Air the best laptop of the year in The 2020 Man, our end-of-year awards feature. We’re six months into 2021, and the M1 MacBook Air is still the best laptop in the world as far as we’re concerned. And during Amazon Prime Day, you can buy this top-rated workhorse of a laptop for $50 off its normal price. The M1 MacBook Pro is marked down by $200, one of the best Prime Day laptop deals of 2021

We pay pretty close attention to new and upcoming laptop releases, and we think there’s a very strong chance that these laptops will still be the best laptops in the world at the end of 2021. (Apple will be releasing 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks in the near future.) So if you need a new laptop for work or school, we strongly recommend the M1 MacBook. It even comes with a headphone jack this time.

What makes these laptops so special?

The 2020 MacBooks upgraded from an Intel Core i9 processer to an Apple-designed M1 chip. The new M1 chip isn’t just fast, it’s an order of magnitude faster than anything that’s come before it. While MacBook Airs used to be the lightweight little brother to the more powerful MacBook Pro, with the M1 chip, that’s no longer the case. The M1 MacBook Air can even blow 2019 iMacs and MacBook Pros out of the water. It can even handle memory-intensive creative software like Photoshop or FInal Cut.

For this reason, we recommend the M1 MacBook Air over the Pro model for most people. The Pro edition does feature a Touch Bar, a cooling fan, longer battery life and a slightly brighter display. No matter which model you choose, these are phenomenal machines, and Prime Day is the perfect chance to save a little money as you upgrade. Looking for more deals? Check out the year’s Best Prime Day Tech Deals and find more great sales on laptops, gaming accessories, TVs and smart home devices.

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Save $50 on M1 MacBook Air

$999.99 | $949.99

The new MacBook Air hardware is seriously impressive. Its 8-core CPU and M1 chip deliver up to 3.5x faster performance compared to previous generations. If you’re a student or creative professional, then this is pretty much the perfect laptop. In fact, if you only need a computer for basic Internet browsing, streaming and word processing, this laptop is actually too powerful. The only drawback? Like all Apple laptops, this isn’t a machine designed for gaming. That being said, the 13.3-inch Retina display is perfect for just about everything else.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Save $200 on M1 MacBook Pro

$1,299.99 | $1,099.99

The M1 MacBook Pro does offer some improvements over the Air. The Retina display offers better peak brightness and higher quality microphones. The Touch Bar is a divisive feature, but it can be super convenient when editing. Finally, the M1 MacBook Pro has the longest battery life of any Apple laptop, ever. And with the price marked down to $1,100, this is a seriously good deal. Most laptops that offer this level of speed and performance cost at least $2,000, but the M1 chip really is that good.

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Courtesy of Apple

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