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It’s Happening: Amazon Just Dropped the M1 Mac Mini To $570 — Its Lowest Price Ever

When discussing the best laptops and desktop computers, Apple’s M1 chip is always the topic of conversation regarding graphics, speed, and overall performance. We updated our rankings of the best desktop computers at the end of 2021, and the Apple M1 Mac Mini earned one of the top spots for the second year in a row. Apple first released this portable desktop in 2020, and do you know how good a computer has to be to still be the best product in its category nearly a year and a half later? Pretty darn good.

When Apple first rolled out the now-legendary M1 chip, product reviewers were amazed by its capabilities. At the time, we noted that this chip was an order of magnitude faster than everything that came before it, and the M1 chip put even Intel’s newest processors to shame.

Once upon a time, the Mac Mini was a complete afterthought, but after Apple upgraded it with the M1 chip, it could suddenly outperform MacBook Pros and iMacs. Usually, new chips make modest performance improvements, but this chip suddenly set an insane new benchmark.

Initially, this compact desktop was priced at $699 and usually goes on sale for $649. We’ve even seen Amazon drop the price down as low as $600. Today, however, we’re seeing an unprecedented price reduction that brings it to $570 — its lowest price ever. The discount can be easy to miss. In addition to the usual $49 discount that brings the price to $650, there’s now a coupon for $80.01, which brings the price down to $569.99. As with other Amazon coupon codes, the discount should automatically take effect during check-out.

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Even when this coupon code isn’t available, this is one of the best Apple deals on the internet. We don’t know how long this new coupon will be available, so go ahead and order a new computer monitor, add the M1 Mac Mini to your shopping cart, and enjoy $129 savings on one of the world’s best computers.

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Check for the $80.01 Coupon on Amazon

Amazon’s coupon codes are easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for on the product page. Some of these coupons are only available to Amazon Prime members, while others require copying an actual promo code. In this case, the discount should be automatically applied to your shopping cart for the duration of the sale.

Here’s what to look for:

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About the Apple Mac M1 Mini

Launched in 2020, the Mac Mini is a small desktop computer that comes without an accompanying screen, keyboard, or mouse. It essentially pairs with an existing or new computer setup to increase speed and processing like no other portable desktop on this earth.

Compared to the previous Mac Mini, the bump in speed and processing is far from minimal with the Mac M1 Mini. Featuring Apple’s custom-built, 8-core M1 processor that provides 3x faster performance for quicker workflow and an 8-core GPU for more outstanding graphics in apps and games, the M1 mini offers a significant upgrade to most people’s existing setups. There’s also 8GB of RAM to make sure everything runs fast and smooth, along with Apple’s suite of optimized apps such as FaceTime, Maps, Apple Music and Mail.

Keep in mind if you plan on using the M1 Mac Mini for photo or video editing (yeah, it can do that), you’ll want to spring for additional RAM and external hard drives.

The advent of Apple’s M1 chip has been a game-changer for Apple and its newer products. The brand’s most recent MacBook Air, equipped with the M1 chip, could easily be considered one of the most powerful laptops in the world. SPY’s former Tech Editor Adrian Covert named the M1 MacBook Air the best laptop of the year in our “The 2020 Man” end-of-year awards. A year later, the M1 chip is still the king of the hill.

Already Apple’s most affordable Mac, the Mac M1 mini’s price drop at Amazon now makes it that much more attainable. Again, you can snag the Mac M1 Mini for $570 today. Act fast because this deal won’t last long.

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