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Using Your GPS Has Never Been Easier Thanks to This New Magnetic Phone Mount

* 720° viewing to rotate your smartphone as you wish
* Powerful magnets to ensure your phone stays attached throughout your drive
* Easy to install and remove from air vents

In light of new laws like California’s “Hands-free” policy, no one wants to get caught trying to update their Spotify playlist while driving. But with a magnetic phone mount for your car, hitting the “Shuffle” button is a no-brainer.

Easily attaching to the air vent next to your steering wheel, this phone mount in finishes of Gold, Rose Golden, and Black is compatible with most smartphones including iPhone versions 5 through 7 as well as Galaxy and Samsung.

The phone mount holder comes with two different widths, either narrow or wide, to accommodate for varying air vent sizes. You can also swivel your phone after attaching it to the magnetic phone mount, freeing you from anxiety since the powerful magnets are designed to hold your phone firmly in place.

Surprisingly aesthetically-pleasing for a phone mount, the device comes with an instruction manual so there’s no confusion on how to attach your phone correctly. A protective film is also included to prevent any damage to your sleek smartphone exterior before mounting the connecting metal plate onto your device in order to mount your phone.

With its 720° rotation ability, compatibility with most smartphones on the market, and secure connectivity, this powerful magnetic phone mount is the newest must-have on your morning route to work, aside from a cup of coffee.

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