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Meta Quest Gaming Showcase: The 8 Games We’re Still Geeking Out About

The Quest 2 continues to prove all the VR naysayers wrong with its second-annual showcase, an event that was chock-full of new game announcements. Virtual reality gaming is no longer isolated to those with high-end gaming PCs; the advent of the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus) headsets means that anyone can jump into virtual reality for the same price as a Nintendo Switch.

The best part is that VR games are now more than just “experiences” with limited interaction. There are full-fledged games that will immerse you into their universe and keep you playing for hours on end. Titles like Zenith: The Last City and Population One capture the feeling of MMORPGs and Fortnite, while dozens of rhythm-based games will keep you bopping along the beat — literally.

Despite its already-impressive library, the Quest 2 (and upcoming Quest 3) have a lot of new titles on the way. These are the best announcements from the Meta Gaming Showcase held on April 20, 2022 that we can’t wait to get our hands on. And if you haven’t already made the leap into virtual reality, you can pick up your own Quest 2 VR headset at the links below.

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Among Us VR

Among Us is nothing short of a phenomenon that exploded in popularity across Twitch and Youtube and became one of the favorite social games of this decade. Experienced players know just how intense a match can get, but the gameplay footage shown at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase looks far more immersive and intense (and at times terrifying) than the original game. You never know what lurks down the corridors of the ship — betrayal, or allies?

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Moss: Book II

Yes, Moss: Book II is already available on PSVR, but its upcoming availability on Quest 2 puts in in the hands of even more gamers. The original Moss is arguably one of the best VR experiences anyone could ask for, featuring an adorable main character and story-driven puzzles.

The sequel is set to continue the story of Quill. The brief teaser trailer shows off a lot of action, new enemies, and the promise of an even greater adventure than before.

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Cities: VR

Everyone that grew up playing Sim City has probably at least dipped their toes in the wonder that is Cities: Skylines. The immersive city-builder has garnered an impressive fanbase thanks to its many expansions, but now it’s coming to virtual reality.

While Cities: VR is not a one-to-one port of Cities: Skylines, it takes all of the elements you know and love from the base game and puts them into VR, allowing you to build and explore your cities in a brand-new way. The best part is that it comes out just one week from now, on April 28.

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The Quest 2 has a lot of games available to play, and quite a few RPGs — but it’s sorely lacking in the JRPG department. There are a few games that come close, but nothing quite scratches that itch. That’s part of the reason why the announcement of Ruinsmagus is so exciting.

It combines virtual reality gameplay with JRPG elements, an immersive storyline, and 26 different multi-stage quests. Every single quest is fully voiced by well-known voice actors like Naomi Ohzora (Amanozako from Shin Megami Tensei V), Ai Maeda (Sayo from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth), and Eiji Takemoto (Clifford Diswel in Atelier Ryza 2). The gameplay gives Final Fantasy vibes, as does the music. Any JRPG fans should keep an eye out for this one.

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A lot of the fun of virtual reality is just exploring a world different from our own and experimenting with physics that are similar — but not quite — the same as we have on Earth. It also lets you try out things you’d never think to do in real life. Boneworks offered that in spades, but now a follow-up improves upon the original formula.

Bonelab is said to feature a completely new engine that offers almost unlimited player freedom. Dive into a story that has you escaping execution in a mysterious underground lab. If you do master the game, it’s going to feature a lot of mod support for even more replayability. The key to Bonelab is that no two playthroughs will be exactly the same, so we’re looking forward to playing it multiple times to check out all possible paths.

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Red Matter 2

The first Red Matter was one of the first VR games to feature a truly impressive story that players could interact with, rather than just watch from the side. The problem was that as engrossing as that story was, it ended on a major cliffhanger — and since the game released in 2018, fans have waited a long time for a sequel.

Red Matter 2 picks up right where the first one left off. Players have to navigate a mysterious space station and solve puzzles to progress through the story, but this time they’ll have more tools and an improved jetpack.

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Ghostbusters VR

Mark Zuckerberg definitely aimed for a mic drop today with the announcement of Ghostbusters VR. Fans of the franchise will find a lot to enjoy in the game, from the appearance of the Ecto-1 to the familiar purple goo — but there’s a lot to love even if you aren’t really into Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters VR has the player solving a mystery that threatens the safety of the entire world. While it can absolutely be played on your own, you can also join up to three other friends to unravel the clues and find out what exactly is happening in San Francisco.

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Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries

Resident Evil 4 released last year to much applause and acclaim, but the beloved Mercenaries mode released as a free update for anyone that owns Resident Evil 4. It feels a lot like the original game mode, but with a few key changes.

You have online leaderboards to compete against other players in, as well as 20 different challenges to test your skills. You can also unlock special rewards like the Big Head Mode, a Classic Horror Mode that paints the game in black and white, and different weapon skins.



The Quest 2 continues to be a fantastic value proposition, but what about a successor? Although the Quest 3 is all but confirmed, details are still incredibly scarce and the showcase didn’t hint at anything new. If you want to dive into VR but are afraid the Quest 2 will be obsolete soon, you’ve got nothing to worry about — even if the Quest 3 does release sometime in the near future, the Quest 2 will continue to be supported.


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