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This $6 Mic Lock Blocks Your Audio Jack To Prevent Hackers From Listening To Your Conversations

* Tiny audio jack instantly protects your device’s audio output
* Keep snoops and hackers from honing in on your private conversations
* Compatible with most phones, tablets and computers

In these digital dog days, our personal information is anything but private. Social media sites collect our information, Google logs your search queries — even your ISP (internet search provider) has been given the green light to sell your private browsing data. What’s more, data theft is on the rise, with hackers exploiting increased backdoor vulnerabilities than ever before.

If you’re worried about people listening in on your private conversations, this $5 audio jack can help. By putting a literal lock on your device’s microphone, this jack essentially blocks any and all outside interference. That means you can use your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device without having to worry about snoops or hackers honing in on your calls.

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Using a tiny proprietary semiconductor, this portable phone jack instantly locks your device’s audio output. That means it actually “assumes” your device’s default mic, thus leaving your actual microphone safe and sound. Your device will automatically block your real mic, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your sound system.

As the first-ever device to offer this kind of protection, the Mic Lock comes with its own portable keychain, so you take it anywhere. Great to use on public WiFi networks, simply plug it into your device of choice and enjoy unfettered access without worrying about on-lookers — or, in this case, on-listeners.


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