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Prepare to be Blown Away by This Next-Level Microsoft Surface Accessory

* Compatible with any Windows 10 device
* I
ntuitive design lets you navigate, scroll and select with ease
* Works great with everyday apps, too

Windows 10 may be the greatest operating system since, well, Windows 7, and with more and more gadgets coming to market, Microsoft’s not pulling any punches. With the latest Surface Dial, you’re able to optimize your workflow by literally transforming the way you create. By cutting out needless time wasted on manually having to scroll and open tabs, apps and whatever else you’re working on, the Dial makes it easier to store, customize and access your tools with a simple flick of the wrist.

The extra intuitive design lets you navigate, scroll and make selections with ease. You can use it with the Surface Studio to help deck out your controls. It also makes it easier to store all of your tools in the same place With these easy-to-use controls (press and hold, click, and rotate), you can select your tools without having to waste time opening a new window.

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Simply press and hold the Dial for it to instantly display a range of tools, giving you more freedom to access your various Microsoft apps like Adobe Creative Pad, Mental Canvas, StaffPad and more. Perhaps even cooler, you can place the Dial directly onto your screen to see the beautiful color picker automatically appear. Seriously, it looks like something right out of Star Trek, but it works—and it works well.

What’s more, it can help you with your everyday apps as well; you can use it to adjust the volume on your Spotify playlists, adjust the screen brightness and more. If you’re looking for an easy way to get more out of your apps, the Surface Dial is a great accessory to have.


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