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This Mini Drone Offers a Ton of Features Packed in a Pint-Sized Package

* Despite its small size, the Spark can reach max speeds of 31 mph
* 12MP camera with 1080P video capability let you take sharper shots
* Intuitive controls let you guide the drone with your hands

Meant specifically for selfie shots, the Spark includes all the great features of the DJI brand, only in a much smaller package. With max speeds up to 31 mph, this mini drone is anything but pocket-powered.

The Spark’s 12MP camera lets you take stunning aerial shots, and with 1080P video capability, you’re able to take ultra-vivid videos too. Plus, the incredibly smooth two-axis Mechanical Gimbal, which lets you take angled shots while keeping your camera stabilized, is a seriously nice touch.

Not only is the Spark drone powerful, it’s also extremely portable. In fact, when fully collapsed it’s roughly the size of a soda can. You can use the analog controller to control the Spark remotely, or you can use the Spark app to help customize how you want your drone to fly. From the Rocket setting to Dronie, Circle and more, you’re able to choose from a laundry list of intelligent flight modes to help customize your Spark any way you want.

While the Spark includes all the safety and flight features you’ve come to expect, what makes this drone unique is the fact that it can respond to hand gestures. Direct your drone where to go, set up a shot and even capture stellar selfies simply by moving your hands.

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