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Get a Handle on Your Smart Devices With This Mini Wireless Keyboard

* Ergonomic design
* Multi-functional keyboard
* Easy wireless connectivity

This mini wireless keyboard works on a wide range of tablet models, game consoles and smart devices thanks to its 2.4 GHz connectivity. It greatly enhances the convenience of using the more advanced features of an Xbox 360, Tablet PC or Google TV box, letting you type full commands on its mini QWERTY keyboard and make swipe and touch selections with its smart touchpad.

A built-in lithium ion battery allows for ample use time in between recharging, and its compact design stands out against other keyboards on the market for retaining ergonomic comfort and a high degree of functionality. If you’ve grown frustrated of typing on tiny, inconvenient haptic or virtual keyboard to access your smart TV and other devices, this easy-to-use wireless keyboard will  be a breath of fresh air.

This multi-functional keyboard includes a USB adapter, allowing it to be paired with other wired devices such as slide projectors, PC tablets and more. With its ease of handheld operation, it makes entering data into a smart TV or Xbox 360 a breeze, allowing you to quickly add or rename networks without resorting to the tedious process of typing in letters using the TV remote.

This mini wireless keyboard is also highly useful for traveling, allowing you to quickly and conveniently type up notes, emails, or drafts on a tablet PC or Android device without having to tote around a large laptop. It includes a full set of function keys and a smart touchpad, optimized for use with PCs and streaming media players. This mini wireless keyboard is also backlit for ease of use at night or in darkened presentation rooms or lecture halls.

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