The Moleskin Pen+ Ellipse Transports Your Notes From Paper to the Cloud as You Write

moleskin smart pen
Courtesy of Moleskin
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If you’re like us, you’re still hunting for the ideal system for note-taking, journaling and planning. Old-school spiral-bound planner? Digital app for your tablet or smartphone? It’s hard to forgo online calendars and notes altogether, but if you still like to take notes with pen and paper, then it’s no surprise that a potential solution comes from Moleskine, the premier source for notebooks.

Moleskine’s Pen+ Ellipse smart writing kit allows you to write by hand on paper and have your notes appear on your digital device in real-time as you create. Anything you put on the Moleskine paper tablet with the Pen+ Ellipse instantly appears and saves in digital form: notes for appointments, brainstorms, doodles, graphs, detailed sketches. It’s the freedom of writing with your own hand and not being attached to a tiny keyboard, but with the portability and versatility of digital. The smart writing kit isn’t limited to notes either. Combined with Moleskin’s Paper Tablet (or the starter journal that’s included with a purchase of the Pen+ Ellipse), your sketches and calendar events will instantly be uploaded to your device’s documents or calendar.

The Pen+ Ellipse is part of the Moleskine+ Smart Writing System, and it works with the brand’s Paper Tablets and Smart Planners through Moleskine’s Ncoded paper technology. The pen not only records your jottings in real-time, but it recognizes individual pages, different notebooks, and specific dates and times in the Smart Planner. It’s the ultimate smart planning system, with the added bonus of being composed in your own hand.

The Moleskine Notes app is a free download from the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. But there’s cross-platform versatility beyond that. The Pen+ Ellipse is also compatible with PaperTube, a video production app that allows you to create presentations with video alongside real-time handwritten content.It also works seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator via the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Beyond the technology, which allows you to have your old-school paper and your digital tools too, the Pen+ Ellipse itself is a great writing device. Ergonomically and visually pleasing, the Pen+ Ellipse’s rectangular silhouette is in line with Moleskine’s Classic pens, and the rounded edges are a nod to the world-renowned black Moleskine notebooks. The pen’s cap includes a clip to attach to the cover of any notebook.

The Pen+ Ellipse comes with an Ncoded Volant XS Starter Journal, but since it requires this special paper, refills are found from Moleskine here. It also comes with a USB cable for smart-pen recharging, and one pen tip ink refill.

This is the smart planning system to solve your paper vs pixels issues once and for all, and it lets you create wherever, whenever, with the ability to instantly safeguard your work from wet-paper catastrophes or digital system failures. If one happens, the other has your back. Plus, how else can you instantly share a hand-drawn sketch or chart? Moleskine’s Pen+ Ellipse and Smart Writing System covers as many creative thoughts as you can come up with.