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Yes, We Found a 20 MP Digital Camera For Under $40

It may seem crazy but we found an actual, on-its-own 20MP digital camera for less than $40. It has a real CMOS sensor, a lens, a screen and, according to reviews, is very simple to use and even captures some pretty clean images.

Just three inches across, it’s very pocket sized and easy to carry around when traveling. Think of the “ISHARE” digital camera as something like a high-end smartphone camera without the phone attached. It won’t make calls or scroll on Instagram, but it will take honest, phone-quality pictures and record 1080P video. A USB cable is included so you can plug it into your computer. It even comes with an AV cable, so you can watch the video from it on your TV or play videos on it and listen through your speakers.

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Courtesy Amazon

It comes with an 800mAh rechargeable battery good for about 80 minutes of picture taking, according to the product description. In a nod to “real camera” terms, the ISHARE digital camera has exterior markings showing the built-in lens’ focal length and f-stop. At f/2.8 it’s even reasonably bright.

The copy on the Amazon page is oddly charming and helpful, too, with a section titled “warm tips.” It informs you that the ISHARE camera has a microphone but no speaker, and that in general it’s best to keep your hands steady when taking photos. Perhaps the cheapest way to get a usable, new product with a 20MP CMOS sensor in it, the ISHARE camera even has autofocus, digital anti-shake, multiple “effects modes” and an 8x digital zoom. It makes a great party favor or gift for kids’ birthday parties. We think it fitting that this ridiculously affordable digital camera goes by “ISHARE:” at less than $40, you won’t mind sharing it either.