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Review: MSI’s MPG Artymis 343CQR Curved Gaming Monitor Is Transcendent

You might not be entirely familiar with Micro-Star International or MSI. The computer company launched in 1986 but has taken considerable strides in recent years to become more of a household name in the computer world. Part of that push involves their concerted effort to break into the PC gaming space, for which they’ve made serious moves in the last decade or so. MSI will continue to find ways to best themselves, but it feels as if the brand’s MPG Artymis 343CQR curved gaming monitor is MSI making a real statement — and demanding you notice.


MSI MPG Artymis 343CQR Curved Gaming Monitor: What We Liked

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When it comes to curved monitors of any sort, the rule of thumb is the higher the number, the more curve there is to it. The Artymis boasts a 1000R curvature rating, which is about as curved as it gets. The result is a 34″ gaming monitor that can almost wrap around your entire body when paced at a desk. The bezel is thin, which means the overwhelming majority of the monitor is all screen. The base is solid with some depth to it (you’ll need plenty of desk space to accommodate it) and allows you to swivel it slightly while also providing some height adjustment. The monitor includes your standard ports, including two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.4. The unit also includes HDR and Adaptive-Sync to provide extremely high-quality graphical output while preventing screen-tearing and dropped frames. Plus, to top it off, the back of the Artymis has RGB strips you can customize in the settings. The monitor also contains a handful of default picture models if you don’t feel like adjusting everything yourself.

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As for the experience of gaming with the monitor itself, the Artymis feels like a giant leap. Third-person action games like Horizon Zero Dawn felt so much more alive and expansive than usual, as the widescreen presentation practically made the game leap off the screen. The colors, in particular, feel incredibly vibrant and alive with the Artymis. First-person-shooters like Warzone are where the monitor shines, however. The screen brings you in and provides an incredibly immersive experience that feels as if you’re really in the game. This can sound cliche, we know, but you’ll have to trust us here; it’s a transcendent experience. This experience also translates well if you connect the monitor to any gaming console.

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MSI MPG Artymis 343CQR Curved Gaming Monitor: What We Didn’t Like

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Candidly, the only knock against the Artymis is the price. Depending on where you’re looking to purchase the monitor, the unit can get close to $1,000. If you need a new monitor and want to go ahead and invest in something, the Artymis is well worth the cost. However, it might be a little more difficult to justify that price if you’re happy with your existing setup.

Additionally, the monitor can cause some image distortion in some applications (i.e., web browsing) when you’re using the full widescreen display. However, it was easy enough to adjust the screen size to take care of the problem. But this monitor is meant for gaming above all else.

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The Verdict: The MSI Artymis Provides a Transcendent Gaming Experience

If you’re down with the price that comes along with it, MSI’s MPG Artymis curved gaming monitor is a transcendent gaming experience. Curved monitors once felt gimmicky, but as the tech has gotten better and better, they’ve proved themselves to be quite the magical gadget. MSI’s take on it is equally as excellent, providing a gaming experience that felt unique. It’ll be difficult to game on anything else moving forward.

MSI MPG Artymis 343CQR Curved Gaming Monitor

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