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Keep Your Electronics Safe With This Multi-Port Surge Protector At Only $12 Today

This outlet extender surge protector doesn’t just keep electronics safe and makes plug management a lot easier. It’s also currently a very enticing 40% off. That brings the price for one of the best surge protectors down from $19.98 to just $11.98, which is an incredible price, and an easy one to pay to try and keep all of those expensive gadgets, TVs, best gaming PCs, and games consoles safe from the horrors of electrical surges.

This outlet extender surge protector is incredibly impressive, because it not only has five outlets, which is already a big old jump in outlets, but also has three USB-A ports and one USB-C port as well. This means that it can single-handedly power and charge up to nine different things, which is a lot of power, but also means that there are nine more safe devices as well, which is always nice for peace of mind.

Power surges can occur for a wide range of reasons, but the main thing is that people don’t really have much control over them. Rather than worrying about an expensive new gadget coming off of a charge being completely fried, it makes way more sense to invest in one or two of these, and ensure that everything electrical will be a little bit safer, especially while it’s only $11.98

$11.98 $19.98 40% off

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This surge protector simply plugs into the wall and turns one plug into five, along with adding three normal USB ports, and a USB-C port to boot. The shape of it means it can be a little easier to manage than some other options, and the screw in the middle of the device can be used to help secure it, making it much safer when plugs are added or removed. The surge protection also means anything it is powering is safe, which is essential when there are lots of pricey gadgets in the house.