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This New App Allows You To Rank Your Dates

* Rank and comment on your dates
* The app will tell you whether you’re forming “patterns”
* It will also compare you to others dating at your age

There’s no denying that dating apps expand your potential dating pool exponentially, but do they make it too hard to choose? Luckily, someone’s created an app for that. Evolve is an app from a small team in Boston that went post-beta last month. The dating app allows you to input data about your dates and rank them, with goal of helping users find “more meaningful relationships.”

Described as a “dating and relationships manager,” Evolve is designed to allow users to rank the overall experience from 1-10, input whether or not there was a good night kiss (or more), and rank the dating spot post-date. You can also chart the pros and cons- things you enjoyed about the person, such as their “trustworthiness” or “ambition,” or things your didn’t like, such as whether they were “sketchy” or had “baggage.”


One user, Stephanie Gold from New York, has stated that the app allowed her to “change her outlook on dating. I thought I needed better matches…what I really needed was a way to reflect on my dates!” In order to input data on the person you’re dating, you can either do it manually, or simply screenshot their dating profile and the app will do it for you.

As you put in more and more information as your relationship evolves, the app will provide insight into your feelings about the partner, and it will also identify potential patterns in your dating, and comparisons based on other people who are dating at your age. If you’re done dating a person, you can elect to “move them to the past.”

Whether you think the app is cold, or a great resource, it’s certainly added a new dimension to the dating game.