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Grab Yourself a New Watch Courtesy of This Timex and Todd Snyder Collaboration

Finding a good watch can be a tricky thing for a lot of men. Some people don’t like watches at all, but for those that do, everyone’s got their own preferences. Maybe you’re the kind of person that loves something that stands out, or maybe you’re someone who’d rather wear a timepiece that’s understated and subtle. Thankfully, a collaboration between the legendary Todd Snyder and Timex means that we’ve got one watch in each of those categories for you.

Just in case you’ve never heard of Todd Snyder, he founded his own label back in 2011 in New York and has worked alongside companies like Polo Ralph Lauren and Gap Inc, so the man has range. His clothes generally look like something everyone could wear, which is a great way to appeal to a lot of men who might not feel comfortable thinking too hard about their clothes. You don’t have to be into his clothes to like these watches though.

Grab Yourself An Affordable Timex X Todd Snyder Watch Today

The cheaper of the two watches is the TW2R56000, which comes in at $49.95. The name’s not something you’ll ever say out loud, so don’t worry too much about memorizing it. This watch leans a little more towards being fun rather than understated and has a white, blue, and black face with red numbers to help them stand out. We like the unique 24-hour clock design on it, and it comes with a Horween’ leather strap with a special bit of detailing to mark the 40th anniversary of the watch type itself.

The second watch is the TWG0176007S, which is a fabric watch that comes with a more classical design. The black and white design is something that’ll go with just about any outfit you could possibly wear. Although the military camo strap isn’t necessarily for everyone, it does also come with a standard black strap as well to make sure you can turn up to a black tie event with it on with no issues.

We like both watches a fair bit, but the second one might clutch it for us personally. The second watch is also water-resistant to 50 meters, which is a nice bonus if you’re the kind of person that can never be bothered to take their watch off when they shower or smashing out laps in the swimming pool.