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The Nintendo Switch OLED Gets Its Biggest Discount Yet on Amazon To Make It Under $285

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest model of the best handheld device the world has ever seen, and a solid improvement over the base model switch. With a better battery life, slightly larger (and significantly brighter) screen, there are plenty of reasons for a Switch owner to want to upgrade, or for someone to want to make this their first Switch ever. There’s no wonder why it’s one of the best gaming consoles around.

Right now, there’s a sale on Amazon where you can snag a UK version of the Switch OLED for just $284 through Amazon. That’s notable given that the Switch OLED normally sells for $350. Since the console is region-free, it will work just as easily here as anywhere. The problem lies in the dock; the UK plug isn’t compatible with American outlets, but as long as you have a USB-C cable laying around and a proper power brick, it should work fine.

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What Makes The Nintendo Switch OLED a Great Deal

  • Originally $374.99, but now $284.04
  • 25% off its normal price
  • Instant savings of $90.95
  • Free standard global shipping for Prime members
  • Priority shipping for $35.40 extra

What We Love About the Switch OLED

The Switch OLED has a brighter screen with more vibrant colors. It’s a lot nicer to look at than the base Switch screen, which might entice you to play for longer — something that isn’t a problem, since the Switch OLED also has a much better battery life. You’ll get anywhere from 4.5 to nine hours of battery depending on usage, and it takes about three hours to fully charge.

It comes with the same kickstand as the base model, too. You can prop it up to play hands-free on a table with only the Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller, and thanks the seven-inch screen, you’ll be able to see it a lot more clearly.

64GB of internal storage means plenty of space for games and save files, especially if you play most of your games off a cartridge. Don’t worry, though; you can use a memory card to expand this storage capacity up to 2TB in size. The majority of Nintendo Switch games are smaller in size, so they won’t take up too much space.

This deal is an easy way to save a few dollars on the console, but the downside is that you have to import it from the UK. This means no Prime shipping. You should also be mindful of the compatibility as far as plugs go, since the included AC adapter won’t work with the dock. If you live in the US, you’ll need to buy a compatible adapter for the Switch — or use a USB-C charger you may already own that supplies the needed amount of power.

Also, be aware of how the warranty differs. You might not be under warranty with an import model in another country. However, you’re given the option to purchase an an accidental plan from Amazon at checkout.

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