You Overpaid for Your Nintendo Switch, So Keep it Safe With a Screen Protector

Hestia Goods Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Courtesy of Amazon

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Your smartphone is already decked in a screen protector that will save it from any unexpected drops, because, well, you simply cannot live without it. If that baby cracks, it’s all over from there. Nobody has the money nowadays for a replacement either. But, did you also know you can keep even more of your most-prized electronics‘ screens safe from any tumble too? Introducing the Nintendo Switch screen protector that’s built to keep your screen safe from cracking — because we know damn well you already overpaid to buy your Nintendo Switch off of some sketchy site back in March. You ain’t sneaky.

Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon — whatever you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch, there’s no doubt your obsessed. Think about it, if you were to drop your Switch for whatever reason, it would be all over. Unlike your smartphone, you can’t continue using a cracked Switch after the deed is done. It will essentially become unplayable. Therefore, there’s no better time than now to snag a Nintendo Switch screen protector, because we don’t want you to have an even worse 2020 than you’ve already had.

There are a number of Nintendo Switch screen protectors to choose from when looking. Most do exactly the same thing, but some will come with more or fewer options and slight differences that can change how you play your game, so we suggest you read carefully. The only thing we know for certain? If you own a Nintendo Switch, you absolutely need one of these. There are no ifs, ands or buts.

With that being said, check out the six best Nintendo Switch screen protectors you can buy online right now.


1. Orzly Glass Screen Protectors


Keep your Nintendo Switch crack-resistant with this stellar tempered glass two-pack. Each protector is made to resist scratches up to 9H, which is harder than a knife. It still has the original touch and visuals you’re already used to with your protector-less Nintendo Switch screen, so you won’t have to worry about a lag or fog in play experience. There are cutouts for all sensors as well, so if you’re one who likes to play with the volume all the way up, you won’t get a muffled sound quality.

Orzly Glass Screen Protectors Courtesy of Amazon


2. Hestia Goods Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Looking for an affordable way to keep your screen protected? Look no further than this three-pack from Hestia Goods. These protectors are ultra-thin tempered glass Nintendo Switch screen protectors that allow for a completely reliable user experience. It’s totally transparent so you’ll have no issues playing and it has a fingerprint-less coating to reduce any unsightly smudging. They even include a couple of wet wipes as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth so you can properly clean this bad boy.

Hestia Goods Tempered Glass Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


3. Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch Screen Protector


While all of these Nintendo Switch screen protectors have an A1 grip, this one from Spigen is extra impressive. Thie tempered glass protector sits on your screen with ease and will stay there essentially forever. It has a 9H screen hardness so it’s totally safe from falls and the screen protector is extra resilient to oil and fingerprints. Additionally, this is a two-pack, so for whatever reason, if you damage the first one, there will be a second that has your back.

Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


4. ivoler Screen Protector Tempered Glass


If you didn’t already know, Nintendo has a second switch option deemed the Nintendo Switch Lite that is a tinier, more compact version of the device. Although she’s a smaller being, she absolutely needs some protection, too. Cover your Lite in this tempered glass screen protector that will perfectly fit the size of your version of the Nintendo Switch. It’s completely durable and doesn’t interfere with your touchscreen.

ivoler Screen Protector Tempered Glass Courtesy of Amazon


5. Pavoscreen for Nintendo Switch


Go above and beyond by not only protecting your screen but also your eyes from blue light without even having to throw on a pair of blue light glasses. The Pavoscreen screen protector for the Nintendo Switch is your one-stop-shop for all of your screen protection needs. It’s built with a 9H shatterproof tempered glass that will ensure your Switch stays protected and also keeps your eyes safe from any harmful ultraviolet radiation. How’s that for a two-for-one?

Pavoscreen for Nintendo Switch Courtesy of Amazon


6. ZAGG InvisibleShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector


While all of these cases are built with impact in mind, the ZAGG InvisibleShield tempered glass screen protector is built with a process that strengthens the glass material on a molecular level to be the strongest you’ve ever had the chance to try. It’s completely dent and shatter-resistant and each screen protector can be applied with a bubble-free application. It will keep your screen bright and vibrant no matter what and resists any and all smudging that might occur.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon