Send Photos From Your Adventures Straight to This Photo Frame Back Home

digital wifi photo frame
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Share special pictures with loved ones wirelessly
* Use the mobile app to add captions to each picture
* Create playlists and keep everyone up to date 

One great thing about social media these days is how easy it is for your friends to keep up with all of our adventures. Whether you’re spelunking in the Carlsbad Caverns or swimming near the Great Barrier Reef, these adventures are meant to be shared and remembered.

Though it may be easy to share your adventures and other momentous life events with friends, it gets a bit more difficult with parents and grandparents who may not be as up to date with social media.

Nixplay’s Seed WiFi digital photo frame is an easy and fun solution if you’ve been looking to bring your loved ones along for your next adventure.

nixplay digital wifi frame Image courtesy of Amazon Image Courtesy Amazon

The Nixplay Seed 7-inch WiFi digital photo frame can be updated with new and in-the-moment pictures with a simple push of a button on the handy mobile app. You simply select the pictures you want to load and they are wirelessly transmitted to the frame.

The frame is motion activated, so the next time your parents or grandparents walk into the room, your latest pictures will be there to greet them. The mobile app even lets you write captions on each of your photos, so you can let them know where you’re at, or leave them a witty greeting.

Nixplay’s digital photo frame also allows you to create playlists so your loved ones can follow along with you on each location of your latest epic adventure. Access all your favorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr and Google too, and have them scrolling through the frame.

This 7-inch hi-resolution monitor uses an IPS display which gives great color and clarity to all those special pictures. Share them wirelessly from around the world and be ever present in your loved ones lives, even when they can’t be there with you.

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