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First Look: This Micro-Sized 65W GaN Charger Makes Other Chargers Look Giant by Comparison

If you like to take frequent trips, then you know the struggle of packing all the necessary wall chargers and USB cables for your devices. Cords can take up a lot of space, especially when paired with overly-large power bricks. The new Nomad 65W GaN Charger offers a streamlined, bite-sized solution to your charging woes. And yes, it even has two USB-C ports for double duty.

The Nomad 65W GaN Charger was officially released today, and it can be purchased from the Nomad website for about $70. Keep reading for all the details we have so far.

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Courtesy of Nomad.

What We Love About the Nomad 65W GaN Charger

The first thing to note is that the charger is one of the smallest GaN chargers from Nomad yet. It’s even smaller than the similar GaN offering from Anker. Since it’s a GaN charger (gallium nitride), the internal components are smaller and take up far less room. The scaled-down size is ideal for those times when you don’t want to dominate an entire outlet with just a single charger or if you want a more portable, lightweight solution that won’t take much space in your bag.

Even though it’s smaller, the 65W GaN Charger has two USBC-PDS ports that deliver up to 65W of power if charging a single device. If charging two devices at once, the top port will max out at 45W (which is still enough to power an M1 MacBook), while the bottom port will deliver up to 20W. Having two ports gives it a leg up over your standard chargers because you gain the option of charging another device simultaneously.

Although it doesn’t technically qualify as a “fast charger” (it lacks Qualcomm 3.0 support), GaN-style chargers tend to charge devices more quickly than standard chargers.

The charger also folds the prongs down into the device’s body to make it easier to store for travel. Since it only works with US-style plugs, it’s an excellent option for domestic trips and everyday use at home.


Nomad 65W GaN Charger Pricing and Availability

The new Nomad 65W AC Adapter is available today from Nomad’s website for $69.95. Its pricing is notable because Apple’s official 60W MacBook power adapter retails for $79. Add to that the official Apple charger is much bigger than Nomad’s offering, and you get what we are considering a significant win for Nomad.

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Apple’s 61W charger (left) versus Nomad’s new 65W GaN charger (right). Courtesy of Nomad