Review: Nomad Proves Wireless Charging Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

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Jonathan Knoder | SPY

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Nothing screams excitement like a wireless charger, amiright? All jokes aside, Nomad does give us something to be excited about with their new line of wireless chargers. Some are fast, some are elegant and all of them are convenient. We had a chance to use the new Nomad 30W charging block, the Base One MagSafe Charger and the Base Station Hub for the last few weeks, and we’re fans. In our review of Nomad’s MagSafe chargers, we’ll show you why you should be, too.



Base One

  • Dimensions: 97 x 97 x 18.75mm
  • Output: 15W

Base Station

  • Dimensions: 169.1 x 111.1 x 16mm
  • Output: 10W

30W Power Adapter

  • Dimensions: 31 x 33 x 33mm
  • Output: 30W USB-C


nomad chargers 2 Jonathan Knoder | SPY

The 30W charger is a smidge bigger than both a standard Apple USB-A charging block and my Anker USB-C. Do I think it matters? Not at all. We’re talking a couple of centimeters difference in size at most. I will say the dark grey finished does differentiate itself from other chargers and gives it a slightly more elegant look.

The MagSafe Base One Charger has a glossy black finish (think brand new piano black) with the MagSafe Charger white in the middle. It definitely has a little weight to it weighing in at 1.13 pounds. The extra weight is kind of nice — it makes it feel more durable, sturdy and of higher quality than other cheap plastic chargers. Plus, if you have some loose documents floating around your desk, it can also double as a paperweight.

Although I really like the glossy black finish (even if it is a fingerprint magnet), the walnut finish of the Base Station just happened to match my work desk rather well. The pad has three magnetic coils that help “snap” your devices into place and has the ability to charge two devices at once. It does come in two different finishes, carbide and walnut, and both look great.



nomad wireless chargers Jonathan Knoder | SPY

Using the fast 30W charger alone with a USB-C cable, the charging speeds are impressive. I was able to charge my dead phone to 55% in just 30 minutes. With that math holding true, that means you can fully recharge a dead phone in under an hour.

The disclaimer for the MagSafe Base One Charger is that you actually need the 30W charging block to use it, but note that you actually have to purchase both devices separately. Setting my phone on the MagSafe Base One Charger and plugging it into the 30W charger, my phone went from 14% to 44% in a half-hour, so it’ll take about an hour and a half to fully charge your phone that way.

The slowest of the group was the Base Station. Of course, we know this isn’t a race between the devices, especially considering the Base Station Hub is the only one that can charge two devices at once. It charges your devices distributing 10W of charging power via the wireless station. And you’ll know when your devices are being charged as one or two small light indicators illuminate on the front of the device.


Should You Buy These Nomad Chargers?

After reading through our Nomad MagSafe chargers review, it should be clear that yes, these charges are great. For me, the Base Station was really helpful to keep my phone and Airpods charged while I worked. But if you only have to worry about one device — just charging your phone when it’s not in use — the MagSafe Charger is faster compared to the two wireless charging devices, and easier to find the ‘sweet spot’ when charging, but remember, you’ll need the 30W charging block which you have to buy separately. That being said, we recommend owning the charging block itself as well.


Base One MagSafe Charger

Base One MagSafe Charger Courtesy of Nomad

Base Station

base station Courtesy of Nomad

30W Power Adapter

30w power adapter Courtesy of Nomad

What Are the Best Wireless Charging Alternatives?

Nomad makes nicely crafted, premium wireless chargers, but they aren’t for everybody. Admittedly, the $159.95 price tag on the Base Station or $129.95 for the MagSafe Charger is a bit steep when it comes to a device that charges your phone. If you don’t care much for aesthetics, or you find the price tag is too large for your taste, here are a few alternatives for your wireless charging needs.


Apple MagSafe Charger

The Apple MagSafe Charger runs about $39.00, and the 20W power block (sold separately) costs about $18 for a complete “brought to you by Apple” charging experience. The nice thing about the MagSafe Charger from Apple (aside from the price) is the ability to lift your phone off the tabletop while the charger remains attached.

Apple MagSafe Charger Courtesy of Amazon

Anker USB-C Charger

It’s small, lightweight and affordable. And as someone who owns one, it also charges incredibly quickly, too. If you’re just looking to boost your charging speed, this is a great Nomad alternative to pick up.

Anker USB-C Charger Courtesy of Amazon

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