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It’s Confirmed: The OnePlus 5 Will be Released This Summer

* Chinese smartphone company OnePlus announces new phone release
* The OnePlus 5 will launch this summer
* The company has earned positive reviews for its premium build and affordable prices

The Chinese smartphone industry is slowly gaining traction in the American market, inching closer and closer to solidifying a competitive stance with Apple and Samsung. Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Huawei and OnePlus have generated a sizable amount of buzz thanks to their similar designs, enhanced software and high-end specs, compared to pricier flagship models like the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8.

OnePlus launched their OnePlus 3 model last year and followed up with a its upgraded successor, the 3T earlier this year (pictured above). Both models earned consistently positive reviews, highlighting its stellar battery life, premium build quality and comparable performance to higher-end smartphones.

Rumors began to swirl over the past few months, speculating that OnePlus would soon launch a new model but until today, its expected arrival date was unconfirmed by the company’s reps. This morning, OnePlus confirmed the rumors to be true, revealing to The Verge that their newest model — The OnePlus 5 — will be available this summer. According to the article, the company decided to ditch chronological naming for their latest edition because the number four is considered unlucky in Chinese culture.

While little is known about the phone’s specific details, it has been said that the OnePlus 5 will feature a number of high-end specs, upgrading the previous models by including a dual-ended camera and better screen resolution. While upgraded features will definitely be an important factor for the smartphone industry’s rising star, the comparatively affordable price tags will likely be the phone’s best point of distinction — and its selling point. For reference, the iPhone 7 comes with a retail price of $639 while the One Plus 3T starts at only $439.