Onewheel From Future Motion: The Coolest Form of Travel?

Onewheel Review from Future Motion: The
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* An all terrain motorized skateboard
* 6-7 mile (10-11km) max range
* 15 mph (24 kph) max speed

If you have ever dreamt of gliding down the sidewalk with minimum effort, your wishes have been answered! The Onewheel is a snowboarding-inspired, one-wheel travel device that utilizes solid-state inertial sensors and algorithms to provide a comfortable ride.

This revolutionary, 2-horsepower device allows effortless travel over a variety of terrains including grass, dirt, gravel and sand. With Onewheel, exploration is at your feet – boasting a top speed of 15 mph (24 kph) and a 6-7 mile (10-11km) range.

Simply lean in your desired direction and allow the intuitive dynamic stabilization to do the rest. Capable of up and downhill as well as on and off road travel, the Onewheel device makes the once boring trip to the shops a complete adventure.

In terms of practicality, when your battery charge falls low, simply attach your Onewheel to the Ultracharger, and you’ll be ready to go again within 20 minutes. The internal Safe LiFePo4 batteries are capable of supplying daily use for several years with no decrease in range.

Furthermore, your Onewheel device allows full connectivity to your iPhone, Android or smart watch, enabling digital shaping and allowing personal tuning of your Onewheel device.

Forget any worries about passersby as the Onewheel has LED headlights and taillights, giving plenty of notice when you choose to reverse or switch direction. The added transverse flux motor allows for easy climbing of any hidden peaks. With such power and reliability, this American-made electric surfboard provides endless entertainment alongside a genuinely useful device for those need-to-do local journeys. Buy yours today for a leg up among all your skateboarding friends.

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