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Scare Away Creatures of the Night and Potential Intruders With This $22 Solar Powered Outdoor Security Light

This impressive security light has a slew of great features and, perhaps most importantly, is currently 57% off, bringing the price down from $50.99 to $22.09. That’s a great price for a little bit of extra security, and more convenience too, just in case someone’s getting home while it’s still too dark to see.

This solar outdoor security light charges during the day, and then unleashes that power throughout the night, meaning that there are no wires or batteries to worry about, making it great for those who can’t be bothered with those issues. It also has three light heads, which allow it to cover a massive area in up to 2500 lumens of light, which is perfect for scaring away wildlife, or just helping someone to find their keys in the pitch black.

If this were to be combined with the best security cameras that don’t require a subscription or the best cheap security cameras, it’d make for an impressive security system for any home. It helps that this security light also has motion detection, a few different modes to choose from in terms of how it lights up and powers down, and a useful remote as well.

$22.09 $50.99 57% off

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This security light has a load of excellent features to ensure its viability on any household. For starters, it’s solar-powered, so nobody has to worry about wiring or batteries. It has three light heads which allow it to flood light over 270 degrees easily, making it great as a standalone light. The motion detection is a great deterrent, or just a way to spot wildlife that creeps into the garden, and it’s IP65 waterproof too, so bad weather won’t be an issue.