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Spruce Up Your Backyard Gatherings With The Help Of These Outdoor String Lights With 66% Off

With Spring nearly here, now’s a good time to grab these addlon Outdoor String Lights, especially as they’re on sale. Normally these cost $69.99, but Amazon has a 43% discount on them, which can be made even cheaper thanks to a 40% clip coupon. The total discount adds up to 66%, bringing the price down to $23.99.

These outdoor string lights have 15 bulbs spaced across 48 feet of wire, and each of these bulbs is designed to look vintage, while still having modern sensibilities. This means they look great, and fit a lot of aesthetics, especially for those with large porch areas, but can also suit more whimsical setups like secret gardens. It also means they’re shatterproof and weatherproof, which is incredibly important for outdoor lighting, especially as the weather can be hectic. They’re also dimmable, which is pretty much essential.

They’re only really for outdoor use though, so keep that in mind if the aim is actually something more akin to the best string lights for bedrooms. Do keep in mind that they’re not one of the best solar lights, due to the fact that they’re not solar-powered. They are a great deal though, and should last long enough or the vast majority of people.

$23.99 $69.99 66% off

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These outdoor string lights have a massive length of 48 feet, have 15 hanging sockets, incredible old-school vintage-looking bulbs that are shatterproof, and can be dimmed to help keep the mood just right. They’re also weatherproof, energy-efficient, and really easy to hang up, making them great for those that don’t like DIY. Just remember to clip the coupon when adding it to the cart to get the full saving.