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This Amazing 18 Outlet Surge Protector Is Just $20 And Even Has USB Ports

The best surge protectors and the best power strips have a few things in common, mostly extra layers of safety, a good price, and quantity too. Those are things shared by this 18-outlet surge protector power strip which is currently on sale for just $19.97, which is a 33% reduction on the normal price of $29.99. It’s pretty obvious that a big selling point here is that it has 18 outlets, but that’s not all it has going for it.

Aside from the numerous outlets, which should be more than enough for even a busy meeting room or gadget hub at home, it even has four USB ports, which makes it useful for charging things like smartphones, most earbuds and headphones, and plenty of other modern-day gadgets too. Plus, it has three layers of surge protection to help look after anything that it’s powering, which is essential given how pricey most gadgets and phones are these days.

It also has eight feet to help keep it stable, making it useful on top of a desk or table, or just tucked away under something, and has an eight-foot cable too, which means it’s not limited to being near normal outlets, which makes it far more useful. Plus, getting it for so cheap is great.

$19.97 $29.99 33% off

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This immense outlet extender can turn one outlet into a massive 18 outlets, and has four USB ports as well. Along with that, it has eight feet to keep it stable on surfaces, comes with cable ties to help keep things a little bit cleaner, and has three levels of surge protection to make sure anything plugged into it remains safe, even if the electricity goes a little haywire. It has an eight-foot cable too, which makes it great for all kinds of rooms and environments.