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This Light Bulb Charger Lets You Charge Your Phone in Bed & Eliminates Cable Clutter

* This handy device turns any household lamp into a USB charging station
* The LampChamp sports 2 USB ports and fits any standard lamp fitting
* Ideal for bedside lamps to ensure you always have a place for charging

If, like most people, you sleep with your smartphone on a bedside table, you’ve likely come across the problem of a soon-to-die battery, but find yourself without a way to keep it close and charging. One answer to the problem is to purchase a longer charging cable, plug it into your nearest socket and drag it across the room. Another option is to install

into your bedside lamp.

The LampChamp is a smart device that allows you to turn any standard household lamp fitting into a USB charging station. It only takes a few seconds to install and is super simple to do so. Remove the existing bulb, screw in the LampChamp into the fitting and then place the bulb into the LampChamp fitting. The design is especially great for bedside lamps to ensure you’re never without a charging port for your devices and to eliminate cable clutter coming from the wall behind your bed.

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The intelligent device sports 2 AMP Rapid Charging USB Ports, which means you can keep your smartphone, tablets, eReaders or any USB-charging device nearby. It also features an on/off switch for the bulb. However, the USB ports remain on even when the switch is in the off position, so your devices are always charging when plugged in.

In addition, the LampChamp is a great option for businessmen and travelers as it can easily be installed in hotel rooms, offices and hostels to prevent the hassle of searching for sockets behind wardrobes, beds and other inconveniences.

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So get a few LampChamps and install multiple charging points across your home or office to ensure you always have a charger within a few feet.


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