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This $28 Flash Drive Is Specially Made For Your Phone, So You Can Save Your Pics and Never Run Out of Storage Again

* Sports fast transfer speeds and128G of external memory
* Features a one-touch backup feature
* Compatible with both Androids and iPhones

If you’ve ever wanted to snap a pic or record a video only to realize your phone is out of space, then this flash drive is for you. Unlike other models, this one is made specifically for your phone, so you can actually use it to save your photos, store your videos and never worry about running out of storage.

Made to help protect your privacy, this handy flash drive gives you the option to choose to lock individual files with your fingerprint or by the standard password settings. That means you can use this handy flash drive to sync your phone without having to worry about your various files being exposed. A nice feature, indeed.

Yes, it’s made specifically for your phone, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. The free included app supports most video and audio formats, so you’ll have an easier time opening your files via your phone. It also lets you stream directly from your flash drive, a feature that’s designed to help you save time when you need to access files quickly. Best of all, this flash is universally compatible, which means it works with Apple phones, Androids and more.

With super fast transfer speeds and an impressive 128G of external memory, there’s more than enough space here to store most of your major files—and then some. And with a smart one-touch backup feature, you can back up all your files, photos, songs and more with the simple single click.