Step Up Your Phone Photography With These 9 Clip-On Lenses

clip-on smartphone lenses
Courtesy of Shutterstock/Sheenlong
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If you’re like most people, you use your smartphone on a daily (or hourly) basis. In fact, the average cell phone user touches their device 2,617 times each day. In addition, the vast majority of the 4.3 billion smartphone users on the planet only use a smartphone to take photos, eschewing traditional cameras in favor of more convenient phone cameras. 

While this spells bad news for the traditional camera industry, it has spurred the creation of fun smartphone accessories, including gadgets to improve video capturing and professional-grade lens attachments. The latter represent a super simple and creative way to improve the photography abilities of the average smartphone user. All it takes is a quick clip to elevate a smartphone from its standard internal camera to a versatile camera with an interchangeable lens system, which can shoot stunning macro nature photography and wide-angle landscape shots.

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Joining the ranks of some of the best smartphone accessories out there are these nine impressive clip-on lenses meant for creatives and pros alike.

1. Anazalea Wide Angle & Macro Lenses 


This easy-to-use 2-in-1 camera lens has two lenses in one sleek design. Simply twist off the wide angle lens to get to the macro, and you are ready to transition from two very different types of shooting. With 5K HD lenses and a convenient travel case and cleaning cloth, this kit should be a go-to for travel photographers.

iphone camera lenses anazalea Image courtesy of Amazon

Anazalea Lenses


2. Criacr 3 Lens Kit


Starting with the clip-on lens’ ability to comply with a variety of smartphones, this Criacr gadget is great for someone who wants to experiment with a range of shooting capabilities. This kit comes with a super wide angle lens, a macro lens that captures 10x what the naked eye sees and a fisheye lens that gives images a fishbowl effect. This versatile lens kit caters to a creative lifestyle while ensuring you don’t need extra heavy gear to lug around in order to capture all the diversity you see.

iphone camera lenses criacr Image courtesy of Amazon

Criacr 3 Lens Kit



3. Waulnpekq 7-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


This lens kit for your phone includes not one, not two, but seven separate lenses. Each screws into the attached clip to transform your handheld device into a professional-level camera. The kit includes a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, a macro lens and a 2x zoom lens. The other three pieces are a circular polarizer, a starburst filter and a kaleidoscope lens. These can be used alone or added to the other lenses for superior effects. This kit is a steal at under $20.


iphone camera lenses 7-in-1 kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Waulnpekq 7-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


4. MOKCAU 6-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit


With six individual lenses for a variety of uses, this kit is the best for experimental creatives who want range when shooting with smartphones. It includes an 18x telephoto zoom lens for high-definition and up-close images, a 2x telephoto lens for a shorter zoom range, a fisheye lens, a super wide-angle lens for landscapes and a 15x macro lens for detailed nature captures. It also comes with a storage case and even a miniature tripod for more stable shots.

 mokcao 6-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Courtesy of Amazon

MOKCAU 6-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit


5. Erligpowht 11-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


Filters aren’t just settings on Instagram. Originally, in photography, they were discs added to the end of a lens to give each photo a special feature. Filters came in all shapes and sizes, allowing photographers to make lights into starbursts, enhance the colors in a photo and more. This phone lens kit allows you to play with these artistic devices thanks to its inclusion of four color filters (red, green, blue and yellow) as well as a starburst filter, a kaleidoscope filter and a circular polarizer. The kit also includes a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, a macro lens and a zoom lens.

iphone camera lenses 11-in-1 kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Erligpowht 11-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


6. ANGFLY Phone Camera Lens Pro


Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Sony and more, the ANGFLY Phone Camera Lens Pro gives you DSLR quality macro and wide angle abilitiess on your smartphone. This particular clip-on accessory is an aspherical lens, which when compared to spherical lenses, decreases lens glare and barrel distortion. In turn, you’re left with photos that beautifully capture dramatic landscapes like beaches, skylines and more. This lens combo works particularly well with the narrowed video abilities of most smartphones.

iphone camera lenses angfly Image courtesy of Amazon

ANGFLY Phone Camera Lens Pro



7. Bostionye 11-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


For the most part, good photographs aren’t taken with only a camera and lens. Photography is a hobby that requires many accessories, and if you want your smartphone photos to stand out, this Bostionye 11-in-1 Phone Lens Kit is a good base. The kit includes four high-quality lenses (macro, zoom, fish eye and wide angle) as well as three filters (polarizer, star and kaleidoscope), a tripod and a Bluetooth remote shutter.

iphone camera lenses bostionye Image courtesy of Amazon

Bostionye 11-in-1 Phone Lens Kit



8. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Smartphones


This award-winning lens combines high-quality shooting capabilities with a mini LED light that clips on to the opposite side of the phone as the lens clip to offer customizable lighting for different settings. The LED light takes this kit to the next level through its design meant to outperform your smartphone’s built-in flash. Made with three settings from low to high, it lights up dark venues and outdoor spaces. Between the rechargeable LED light and two excellent lenses (macro and wide), this clip-on option is ideal for users who want to take more professional images with clarity in all environments.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone and Android Courtesy of Amazon

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Smartphones



9. Moment Wide Lens for Smartphones


One of the highest quality phone camera lenses on the market, the Moment Wide Lens comes highly recommended by average users and experts alike. The lens itself captures two times more picture than your smartphone camera and is made from five layers of cinema quality glass and aerospace metal to provide edge to edge clarity. If you are a professional level creator who wants to do more with a smartphone camera, you can’t go wrong with an investment in Moment lenses. Just keep in mind that this lens also requires the purchase of an M-Series Photo Case or Battery Photo Case.

iphone camera lenses moment Image courtesy of Amazon

Moment Wide Lens for Smartphones