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The Best Camera Studio Lighting Kits to Give You The Most Stunning Images

Camera Studio Lighting Kits are meant to provide everything you need to create one of the most important aspects needed for a perfect photograph – lighting. These kits can be used both by amateurs and professionals and will provide the highest quality lighting around.

Included in these kits are lighting umbrellas which are the backbone of many photographers toolboxes. These umbrellas are easy to work with, easy to transport and ultimately improve the look of portrait photography, video shoots, product shots and everything in between.

Also included are two different size lighting stands, high-quality, energy-saving, continuous photo bulbs in different wattage and a durable carrying case that will easily transport all this equipment from shoot to shoot.

1. Neewer Lighting Kit

This option from Neweer is like an entire photography studio in a single kit. There are stands, a background stand support system, softboxes, umbrellas, light holders, clamps and other accessories. That means you’ll be ready to go pretty much right away. There are white, black and green backdrops to work on a variety of kinds of shoots and video work.

Pros: In-depth kit with plenty of pieces, including light bulbs and backdrops.

Cons: Background stand could be better.

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2. LimoStudio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

LimoStudio’s Umbrella Lighting Kit provides the highest quality lighting at a fraction of the price. This lighting equipment kit is frustration-free, simple and quick to install and comes with everything you need to get you started taking professional-quality portraits. Included are two umbrella reflectors, two lighting stands, a single head photo lighting socket, full-spectrum photo bulb and a bulb carrying case.

Pros: This lighting kit is ideal for both professionals and apprentices.

Cons: This is a great starter set to hone your skills but if you are in need of more powerful lighting options another option might be better.

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3. Emart Professional Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

The Continuous Lighting Kit by Emart comes with both black and white umbrellas to provide the perfect shooting light – the white umbrella will capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and the black umbrella will keep unwanted lights from being reflected into your photo.  Also included are full spectrum CFL photo bulbs, a single head photo light socket, two different size lighting stands and a durable carrying case.  Suitable for photographers of all levels, this is a complete photo studio lighting kit that is ideal for portrait photography or shooting video.

Pros: Build out any studio you want with the two different sized lighting stands.

Cons: The intensity of the lighting cannot be controlled as these lights have a strict on/off switch provided.

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