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Give The Gift of Virtual Reality With This PS4 Bundle

* Includes PS4 console and full accessories to turn it into a VR system
* Completely immersive experience using built-in GPU
* Quick set-up – just plug in & play

Virtual reality is the hottest thing in gaming right now and PlayStation has thrown its hat in the ring this season with a robust bundle that includes a PS4 console, plus everything else you need to turn it into an incredible VR experience.

The bundle includes: a VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, stereo headphones and a PlayStation 4 Game Console Processor unit. All of the necessary cables and cords are included. You also get a PlayStation VR Demo Disc.

What makes PlayStation VR different than other virtual reality system is that it completely immerses you in a video game by using the built-in GPU in concert with the VR headset. Given the fact that it uses just one camera to track the action, it’s amazingly accurate.

When it comes to VR, latency is the biggest issue. Per Sony, the PlayStation VR’s response rate is consistently around 18ms – which is about 0.002 seconds faster than the highest acceptable latency before you would notice the lag in VR.

The PS4 console is on par with leading VR systems like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. What PS4 has over the competition is world-class games and a proven track record of success. For the gamer in your life, this PS4 VR Console Bundle is the perfect gift.

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