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Whether You’re Waiting For The Bus, Or Stuck On a Job Outdoors, Pick Up This Pocket-Sized Heater To Stay Warm

* Metal hand warmer fits perfectly into any pocket
* Up to six hours of constant heat
* Completely safe for use

Though Zippo will forever remain synonymous with its windproof lighters, it has, in recent years, been expanding its portfolio beyond the basic fire starter to include things like knives and even grills. But the Pennsylvania-based company’s more recent and notable innovation is a simple but useful hand warmer.

Originally launched back in 2010, the all-metal hand warmers are of the traditional catalytic variety, meaning they run on hand warmer fluid (like any Zippo lighter) but don’t require a flame to get going. (Don’t worry, it’s all completely safe). Once the proverbial flame has been lit, you just toss the hand warmer into the warming bag and you’ve got a tiny furnace that’s emitting constant heat right in your pocket. Depending on the variant you pick, you’ll have anywhere from six to 12 hours of warmth. Many online reviews have noted that both will stay warm for far longer.

While the persistent heat is perfect for outdoor activities, there is one downside to Zippo’s hand warmer: you can’t turn it off. Unlike battery-powered alternatives, once the hand warmer is lit, it will continue to emit heat until its fuel reserves have been exhausted. With that being said, you can vary the amount of fuel you’re feeding it if you know you won’t be outside for six to 12 hours.

Battery-powered hand warmers might seem more convenient, but what if the battery kicks the bucket and you’re nowhere near an outlet? Use this Zippo Hand Warmer if you’re working outdoors, on a hike or trek, or playing sports in the chilly weather. It’s slim, sleek design fits discreetly in your pocket, while its metal construction will stand up to the toughest conditions.

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