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Catch ‘Em All This Pokémon Day With The Amazing Nintendo Switch Pokémon Games On Sale

It’s Pokémon day today, which is the day the original games launched in Japan all the way back in 1996, which definitely isn’t pushing us towards a mid-life crisis. There’s going to be a special Pokémon Presents stream later today, but if you just can’t wait, then maybe today’s a good time to grab a Pokémon game you’ve not played yet.

Amazon currently has a little sale on nearly all of the Pokémon games that are available on the Nintendo Switch, so whether it’s for yourself or someone else, today’s a good day to buy one. We’re especially keen on the 19% off on Pokémon Scarlet, which is the latest game in the series.

You could always just hold out and hope we get a Pokémon game on Nintendo Switch Online, but we might be waiting a long time. Alternatively, if you like Pokémon but you’d rather try a different monster-taming game, then we’ve got the best games like Pokémon for you right here.

$48.83 $59.99 19% off

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This is the latest entry in the series and is a good attempt at moving the series forward. It boasts an open-world, co-op gameplay, and a wide range of awesome monsters to catch, train, and feed sandwiches to.

$49.94 $59.99 17% off

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Sword and Shield have little open-world areas dotted around and have some incredible monster designs too. They’re a little more streamlined than some older games, but the DLC packs helped to open things up.

$41.99 $59.99 30% off

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Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are the most recent remakes, and they’re adorable. These games are filled with charm and nostalgia, and take the series back to its roots in so many ways, but with more modern graphics.

$51.14 $59.99 15% off

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While this is technically a spin-off, it’s likely the template for future Pokémon games. You get to explore an ancient version of a Pokémon world, and catch the monsters with wooden balls. It’s got a great story, fun mechanics, and the chance to be obliterated by a hyper beam.

$49.98 $55.26 10% off

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The Let’s Go games are cutesy spinoffs that are technically remakes of the very first Pokémon games. They’re a blast to play, and the chance to bond with your Pikachu makes them ideal for younger gamers.