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Save, Edit and Share in Seconds With This Portable Editing System

* Smarter, more convenient way to shoot and edit media on the go
* Save, edit and upload stellar 4K videos and photos directly from your phone or tablet
* Works with virtually every camera, including action cameras, DSLRs and drones

With a seamless interface, advanced hardware and tons of compatibility options, the GNARBOX is more than just a storage device; it’s a video editing powerhouse.

Perfect for when you want to save, edit or upload content on the go, this portable backup offers a whopping 128GB of storage. Best of all, it works with virtually any device. Sync your action cam, DSLR and even drone (yes, drone), for instant access. With the GNARBOX at your disposal, you’re able to edit stellar 4K videos and photos wherever you are.

Simply plug in your camera’s SD card, connect to the internet, open the app and you’re good to go. It’s a much simpler alternative than having to lug a bulky laptop around with you, and you’re able to edit and customize your latest videos in seconds. Perfect for filmmakers, fashion shoots, or even the budding photographer, the GNARBOX makes it easier to capture and save every moment without having to stop and make sure everything is set up.

With minimum uploads of 4GB per minute, you’re able to connect this device to your computer or phone and transfer files instantly. The GNARBOX also offers free Android and iOS apps. You can download new features and update existing content to add more versatility to your shots.

Built with the highest-quality materials available, the GNARBOX sports 4 to 6 hours of battery life and is shock, dust and even water resistant. With a powerful Intel Quad Core processor, it’s simply the fastest way to edit, save and share content.

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