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This Portable Charger Has A Monstrous Capacity And Is Under $12 Today

Everyone needs a little more power on the go from time to time, and that’s where this beastly portable charger comes in. The INIU Portable Charger was down 45% to 19.79, but thanks to a 40% clip coupon that can be applied at checkout, the actual price of it is down to $11.87, which is a steal. That’s especially true given some of the excellent features that this portable charger has.

While at home, it’s easy to rely on the fastest wireless chargers, or the best iPhone charger to keep a phone topped up on battery life, but out in the big wide world, it’s not that simple. There are a lot of portable chargers and power banks on the market, and while a lot of them are good choices, not many can boast the compact size of this one and its capacity.

With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, this charger has enough juice to charge a lot of phones nearly twice without needing charging itself. Not only that, but it has 3A fast-charging which means it can take phones closer to full power far faster. It’s also got layers of protection that ensure any device it’s charging won’t get harmed or overheat, which is a lovely bit of security.

$11.87 $35.97 67% off

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This portable charger has a massive capacity of 10,000 mAh. For reference, that’s enough to fully charge a Samsung S22 1.7 times over, or AirPods Pro 13.2 times. It can manage 3A fast charging, meaning that devices will charge far faster than with many other portable power banks, and it uses a 15-layer system to make sure no issues occur while it’s charging a device, and also reduces the risk of things like overheating or battery damage.