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This Incredibly Nice Portable Charger Is 69% Off And Is Filled With Features

This impressive portable charger is down from $98.00 to $29.97, which is a massive 69% reduction, making today a good day for anyone who needs a new portable power bank. The price is far from the best thing about the device though, as it’s also replete with impressive features that’ll make it incredibly useful to just about anyone who owns devices that use electricity.

This charger has a massive capacity of 40000mAh, which is more than enough to charge a mobile phone several times over, and can not only charge a phone, but actually fast-charge it too. It has three ports as well, meaning the user can charge headphones, their phone, and whatever other gadgets they want at the same time. It even has a flashlight, which is always useful if it’s the kind of device the user keeps on them at all times.

While it doesn’t have the same hands-off charging as the best portable solar phone chargers, there are no doubts that this power bank is going to have more than enough juice for the vast majority of people. Of course, if someone needed even more portable power, then at least SPY has already covered the best portable power stations.

$29.97 $98.00 69% off

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This power bank has a whopping 40000mAh capacity but remains a reasonable size thanks to a high-density polymer battery, and can nearly keep the average mobile charged for a full week all on its own. It also has three different ports, so it can be used to charge multiple devices at once, and even has a flashlight. Plus, the LED display lets the user know when it needs another charge.