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This Portable Clip-On Fan Is Just $19 Today And Perfect For Keeping The Heat At Bay

This portable clip-on fan is an excellent little gift for those who need a bit of help fighting off the heat, especially as it’s currently 31% off, which brings the standard price of $27.99 down to just $19.19. That’s a small price to pay for a little bit more comfort as the hotter months steamroll their way into everyone’s lives.

Given its tiny stature, the amount of power it has is fairly surprising, meaning this is definitely one of the best fans at this size, because it can fit in just about anything, and while it’s not going to overwhelm a room, it’s an easy way to keep a breeze aimed at warmer body parts, or younger kids. That last point is actually what this fan is built for, because babies are very bad at regulating their own temperature, so being able to keep a cooling breeze on them is essential for long days outside.

It’s also both USB and battery-powered. What that means is that it can be easily powered up by having some spare batteries lying around, but can also be charged via USB to allow for up to 10 hours of working time, depending on the settings. It can also be charged by things like the best portable solar chargers too, so it’s a very flexible little fan that is well worth getting while it’s on sale.

$19.19 $27.99 31% off

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This little fan is an ideal way to keep a multitude of places a little bit cooler, including things like a baby stroller, a desk, or just to hold when the temperature starts rising too much. This fan has octopus legs to make it nice and easy to attach to things, has both USB and battery power, and has multiple speeds. It’s not going to cool down a room, but it’ll help keep an individual a little bit chiller fairly easily.