Correct Bad Posture With This Portable Device That Trains Your Back to Straighten

man with bad posture
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* Improve your health and productivity with this small device
* Adheres to your back and vibrates to remind you to stand tall
* Portable and simple-to-use 

Posture is key to your overall health and wellness, but it is one of those physical things that can easily become ignored as our modern lifestyles challenge us to maintain an upright posture. There is more and more emphasis on posture-correcting products and techniques, like this undershirt that can actually train your muscles for better posture, and we are here for it. Because better posture and a more aligned spine is actually proven to enhance your mood and help you breathe better. For those who are stuck in an office chair daily or find themselves hunching over while using their smartphones, there is a handy electronic device that wants to get you straightened out while being as minimally invasive as possible.

The Upright Go device is a portable electronic mechanism designed to be placed on your back, between your shoulder blades, and vibrates when it detects that you are slouching. It is a convenient size that can even be worn under shirts and jackets, and no one will notice that you are even wearing it. Because it is so discreet, it can be worn throughout the day, in the car, to events, meetings, and social outings so you can consistently train your back and neck to find alignment no matter what you are doing. The brand emphasizes that better posture improves productivity by improving breath and airflow so you can think quicker and more clearly. The Apple-endorsed device has gotten some seriously positive feedback with some users saying, “I am a graduate student that spends a great portion of the day typing or researching at a desk. This product delivers quality service as promised. Very sturdy and discrete. I forget to remove and accidentally wore it while showering and it continues to work. Very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend the product to others.”

Posture correcting device Courtesy of Amazon

With the integrated app for your smartphone, you can track your posture health because the device sends information to the app letting you know if your posture is improving and your continued progress after using the device long-term. It sticks to your back with a reusable adhesive and gives you a gentle vibrating reminder to pull your shoulders back, lift your chin and straighten your back. It is good to note that some users have said it doesn’t always stay in place and they have to continually adjust the device throughout the day, so, be mindful of that before purchasing. Just like anything else, it may not work for every single user but the overall consensus is that if this device does work for you, it can seriously improve your posture and overall physical and mental health; something that is universally important to us all.

Posture correcting device man Courtesy of Amazon