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This Portable Tire Inflator Is a Must-Have Bike Accessory, And It’s 50% Off With A Coupon Code

This impressive bike pump is 50% off today as long as the buyer enters the code S8A34HKE at checkout. That brings the price from $49.99 to $24.99, which is a lovely saving, and makes it even better value that it is at full price, where it’s more than worth the investment anyway. That’s because this bike pump can do a fair bit more than just pump up tires, which is great in a pinch.

The iDOO Bike Pump can actually be used to help inflate car and motorcycle tires along with bike tyres, and can manage things like balls as well, making it useful for those with kids who love ball games. It also has useful features like auto stop, and an LED light to make it easier to find the valve even if conditions are far from ideal.

Not only that, but it can also serve as a portable power bank in a pinch too, meaning the user can charge their phone if they get stuck somewhere, and need to make a call. It makes this bike pump the kind of thing that anyone could make use of while biking across the country. In fact, just make sure that this and one of the best bike locks is around any bike, and there should be no worries on any bike adventure, whether big or small.

$24.99 $49.99 50% off

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This bike pump is something of a wonder. Not only can it automatically inflate bike, car, and motorcycle tyres, but it can also does so automatically, and even carries a charge in it that means it can be used as a portable charger in a pinch too. It has an easy-to-read LED display with everything the user needs to understand about the energy it has left and how things are going, and has a built-in LED light to make finding the valve nice and easy, even if it’s dark at the time. It even has a memory function, so it’ll automatically choose the same mode it was last used for.