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Beat the Dark Side (of Household Cleaning) With a Darth Vader Powerbot

* Use the Force to clean your house with a Darth Vader vacuum cleaner
* Includes the ability to prompt Vader’s famous Star Wars sounds as it cleans
* Can be controlled with your smartphone

Darth Vader may not be your father, but he can be your vacuum cleaner thanks to the Samsung Darth Vader Powerbot Vacuum. Sporting a design inspired by the Sith Lord’s famous breathing mask, this robotic vacuum will work its way throughout your house as you sit back and relax.

To ensure your floors are cleaned effectively, the Vader vacuum possesses an impressive amount of suction power along with wide brushes and Visionary Mapping Plus software. In addition, the vacuum has a Full View 2.0 sensor that allows Darth to create an optimal cleaning path over the floor while avoiding any obstacles. There is also an extended shutter to help ensure your vacuum bot cleans right into the corners of the room.

This Powerbot can also connect to your smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to remotely control your vacuum and even see a coverage map showing the areas of the room that have already been cleaned.     

Perhaps the best part of having this Star Wars-inspired vacuum cleaner is the movie sound effects that accompany the cleaning experience. Through your smartphone, you can choose to hear from a range of fun noises, including Vader’s trademark breathing, entry music or the unmistakable sounds of a lightsaber.


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