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Prepare Your Digital Home For the Holidays With Google’s Stronger, Faster Wifi System

The holidays are here, and all of the hottest gifts require a strong, reliable Internet connection. Old school routers often run online connections down to a crawl, which is a major potential post-present buzz kill for the whole family.

Enter, Google Wifi System, a mesh network of one to three routers (depending on your home size) that is easy to install and provides seamless coverage for houses of all sizes and shapes. Due in stock on Amazon on December 6th (

now!), this # New Release is an intelligent system that keeps your connection strong and consistent when you need it most.

Because the Google Wifi System isn’t out yet, we can only testify to what Google promises, which in addition to reliability and speed, is an easy-to-use app that makes managing your home network simple – up to and including shutting it down when you want to have screen-free, off-line time with your family. It also makes it easy to share your password with guests, prioritize devices on your network, see what devices are connected, and more. And if you already have Google’s OnHub router, the new Wifi System is fully compatible and will give your OnHub greater range and strength.

This holiday season if you give yourself one gift, make it fast, easy and consistent Wifi from Google.

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