We’ll Be On the Lookout For These 10 Amazon Device Deals on Prime Day 2022

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In this post, we’ll share the top Prime Day deals we expect to see for Amazon devices during Amazon’s annual shopping event. Keep checking back because we’ll regularly update this post as we learn more about upcoming deals on Amazon devices like Smart TVs and Fire TV Sticks, Kindle e-readers, eero routers and much more. During the event itself, this post will be updated daily with the latest and best Prime Day deals on Amazon devices.

It’s hard to believe that there have only been seven Amazon Prime Day events and that in such a short time it has become such a hugely anticipated event. We’re already licking our chops over Amazon Prime Day 2022, which is happening sooner than you think.

While the exact date of the annual summer shopping bonanza has yet not been released, there are a few things we know for certain: Amazon Prime Day 2022 will happen sometime in July, it will have no shortage of jaw-dropping bargains and, to get the very best deals, you will need to have an Amazon Prime membership. There’s no better time to sign up for one than now.

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And some of the very best deals will be on the ever-expanding number of tech goodies from Amazon’s in-house brands like Echo, eero, Ring, Kindle and more. In fact, that might be where the very best deals of all will be found.


Should You Wait for Prime Day to Buy an Amazon Device?

Honestly, so many different Amazon devices seem to be constantly on sale that it’s very tempting to just jump in now and clean up. But think of it this way — Amazon devices will have the home-field advantage on Prime Day, as Amazon will want to showcase its wares above all others. So have patience, keep checking back here for updates and be ready to put those Prime membership perks to work in July for Amazon Prime Day 2022.


When Will the Amazon Device Prime Day Deals Begin?

We’re anticipating Prime Day 2022 will take place sometime in the middle of July. Our current thinking is July 12-13 or July 25-26, with both sets of dates landing on Monday and Tuesday. Of course, if you’re interested in getting an excellent deal on an Amazon device, there’s no harm in starting your search now, as we’re betting Amazon will start marking items down in the weeks leading up to Prime Day 2022.

In the meantime, make sure you sign up for an Amazon Prime membership, and then check out our complete guide to the Best Prime Day Deals of 2022.


The Best Prime Day Amazon Device Deals We’re Expecting in 2022

Amazon is excellent at building anticipation for Prime Day, and so far 2022 has been no different, as there are no “official” deals announced yet. But we’ve gotten pretty good at Amazonology, so we have several educated guesses.

Think of what’s new and exciting in the Amazon ecosystem. The first things that come to mind are the Echo Dot, Ring security camera setups, eero mesh routers and the deep lineup of TVs including the Omni Series Fire TVs and the Best Buy-collab Insignia line.

Another reliable set of tea leaves for predicting the best Amazon Device deals? Check out the best deals from Prime Day 2021:

  • Insignia 65-inch Fire TV for $449.99 (Original price $629.99)
  • Amazon Echo Dot/Sengled Smart LED Bulb bundle for 50% off
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for $24.99 (Original price $49.99)
  • Fire HD 10 for $79.99 (Original price $149.99)
  • Amazon eero 6 Mesh Router for $83.00 (Original price $129.00)
  • Amazon Kindle for $54.99 (Original price $89.99)
  • Echo Show Smart Displays for up to $80 off

Another thing to watch out for: Kindles to be prominently featured and likely packaged with Kindle Unlimited memberships. All in all we’re expecting plenty of incredible Amazon product deals for Prime Day 2022.


1. Fire 7 Tablet (2022 Release)


Prime Day is Amazon’s showcase event, and the upcoming Fire 7 will be Amazon’s showcase tablet, so it only makes sense that this awesome 2022 release will stand front and center when it comes to big discounts. The Fire 7 will be mere weeks past its big June 29 release, and what better way to launch a new product than to do it when all eyes are on Amazon? The Fire 7 is being promised to have 30% faster performance and twice the RAM of the Fire 7 9th Edition, with more reading, streaming and gaming possibilities than any of the previous editions. Will the advertised debut price of $59.99 stick for Prime Day? We’re willing to bet not.


Fire-7-2022-release Courtesy of Amazon


2. Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon will be pushing its exclusive brands hard on Prime Day, and likely none harder than the Fire TV Omni Series. The Omni Series is the big brother to the budget Fire TVs (which will probably also be very prominently featured on Prime Day; see below), and we’ve tested and recommended them ourselves. The Omni Series is no stranger to Amazon deal hunters. In fact right now the 65-inch model is 40% off. But the possibility of this big, beautiful TV going on an even bigger sale for Prime Day is a distinct possibility and one you’ll not want to miss.

amazon omni series Courtesy of Amazon


3. Echo Dot (4th Gen)


The Echo Dot was the groundbreaker of the wireless smart speaker craze, and the 4th Gen Echo Dot is the latest and greatest of the line. Amazon ditched the hockey puck design of the previous Echo Dots in favor of a more pleasing spherical shape. We tested it and we liked it, and you’ll like it even more if Amazon takes the already reasonable price down as much as we’re thinking they might on Prime Day 2022. A mid-May deal has dropped the price from $49.99 to $27; could a sub-$25 Echo Dot be a big part of Prime Day?

Echo dot 4th generation Courtesy of Amazon


4. Halo View Fitness Tracker

Amazon is used to crushing it in every new category it enters, with products like Alexa, the Echo Dot, the Kindle and more. But the Halo View hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since its release, lagging far behind the Fitbits and Garmins and Apple Watches of the world in terms of attention. This, however, is all the more reason to guess that we will be seeing some seriously steep price drops on the Halo View on Prime Day as Amazon continues to push hard to crack into the top tier of the fitness tracker market. An already affordable alternative may become too good of a deal to pass up.

Halo-View-Fitness-Tracker Courtesy of Amazon


5. Kindle Essentials Bundle

There are likely going to be plenty of Kindle deals for Prime Day, with everything from the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis to the Kindle Kids potentially in line for awesome discounts. But for the best deal, our money’s on the Kindle Essentials Bundle, with the basic Kindle packaged with a fabric cover and power adapter. Another good bet? This deal, along with most of the other Kindle deals, being combined with Kindle Unlimited memberships.

Kindle-Essentials-Bundle Courtesy of Amazon


6. Ring Video Doorbell 4

Amazon’s forays into home security have been a big hit, and the Ring Video Doorbell has been at the forefront of the effort. Amazon bought Ring in 2018 and the line of Ring products has exploded beyond doorbells into wireless security cameras and full-blown home security systems. Many of these will likely go on sale for Prime Day, but we’re keeping our eye on the Ring Video Doorbell 4. It’s the latest iteration of the original Ring Video Doorbell, now enhanced with Alexa connectivity and a 4-second color pre-roll video to capture all the action at your front door. The rest of what makes the Ring great — easy installation, great app, speaker to answer your door without opening it — is all here.

Ring Video Doorbell 4 Courtesy of Amazon


7. Amazon Fire TV 4-Series Smart TV

When streaming services exploded, it was inevitable that Amazon’s Fire TVs would follow close behind. These are the ultimate streaming machines, with ultra-easy access to services like Netflix, Disney+ and, of course, Prime Video. But even when you set aside the streaming apps and the Alexa remote, the Fire TV 4-Series packs a punch with vivid 4K images and Dolby Digital Plus sound. It’s a lot of TV for not a lot of money, and it’s a pretty solid bet that it will be available for considerably less money still come Prime Day.

Amazon Fire TVs Courtesy of Amazon


8. eero 6+ Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System

The eero Mesh WiFi routers are a fairly recent addition to the Amazon family. Since the company was acquired in 2019, it’s seen more products and faster speeds, leaving the days of having just one lonely and overtaxed router far behind. The eero 6+ 3-pack system is an awesome buy if you’ve signed up for Gigabit-speed home internet service, able to deliver WiFi 6 to over 75 devices and up to 4,500 square feet of house or office. Could the new 20% off deal available now be a precursor to a bigger Prime Day deal?

Amazon-eero-6-WiFi-6-mesh-system Courtesy of Amazon


9. Fire Stick 4K Max

If you want all of Amazon’s streaming power and aren’t ready to part with your TV in favor of a Fire TV? The Fire Stick has been a hot alternative for streamers since 2014, and the Fire Stick 4K Max brings the line up to date with 4K streaming and WiFi 6 support. The Max version has 40% more processing power than the Fire Stick 4K and is already available on Amazon for 18% off its regular $54.99 price. How low will it go on Prime Day? Is a $30 deal on the premier streaming stick on the market possible? Stay tuned.

Fire-TV-Stick-4K-Max Courtesy of Amazon


10. Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

Smart Bluetooth glasses have brought the future to life. Is it just a fad? Too early to say, but there are definite benefits to having Alexa with you at all times. The Echo Frames don’t have anything truly Tony Stark–level insane like screens on the lenses, but they do give you a speaker and mic with which to talk and listen to Alexa, and great integration with other Amazon devices. They’re also available in sunglasses and prescription form and have a four-hour battery life. Just a week ago they were 38% off, down to $154.99. Odds are that deal or even better will be back on Prime Day.

amazon echo frames, best bluetooth sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon