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This Metal Detector Is Over 50% Off, And Can Actively Pay Itself Off

This metal detector has a hefty discount at the moment. It’s normally $249.99, but has a 48% reduction to $129.96. However, there’s also a clip coupon that can be added when someone puts it in their cart, which reduces the price by another $30, making the final purchase only $99.96. The best thing about this though, is that getting lucky with a metal detector can mean it’ll pay for itself.

This metal detector has a lot of cool settings to mess around with. It has an all-metal mode, to pick up literally anything, but can also be customized to only look for higher-value things like gold or silver. It also has memory functions that let the user further customize what they’re looking for, and ignore things they don’t want to bother digging up. It’s waterproof too, which means it’s great for the beach. It’s an excellent excuse to spend a bit more time outdoors, and can make for a great day out with younger kids as well, especially if they’re in a pirate phase.

It’s still a little chilly outside at the moment though, so if venturing outside for a long-days searching is on the cards, make sure to wrap up warm in the best Canada Goose jackets, and maybe take one of the best long-range walkie-talkies if the plan is to go with a big group of metal detecting enthusiasts.

$99.96 $249.99 60% off

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This metal detector has five modes of detection, including searching for high-value metals like gold and silver, and can also eliminate metals the user doesn’t want, thanks to the memory mode. It’s easy to use as well because it’s not only light but also easy to adjust to make sure the user is hunched over when searching for forgotten items or buried treasures. Just remember to add the clip coupon when putting this in the cart to save an additional $30 on the 48% saving.