Stop Huddling Around Your iPhone and Stream Content on the Big Screen with These Projectors for iPhone

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Projectors were once thought of as a rich person entertainment system. But in 2021, that’s not the case anymore. The way we view content has changed and projectors have caught up to the trends. No longer do you need a complicated setup with wires, AV receivers and dedicated projector screens. Now all you really need is your iPhone and an iPhone projector.

iPhone projectors allow you to stream content either via WiFi, casting or through HDMI and play content from your phone onto the screen. Have you ever come back from a big trip wanting to share all of your photos and videos with your friends and family, only to end up holding each picture up to individual family members or handing your phone off from one person to the next? Or, perhaps, you wanted to show your friends a great YouTube video, but huddling around your phone didn’t quite do it justice? Or maybe you just want to watch a movie on a gigantic screen like you’re in a movie theater. If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, an iPhone projector is what you need in your life.


What To Look For in an iPhone Projector

If you’ve scored the new iPhone 13, you can use that ultra-fast bionic A15 chip to be the brain for your new iPhone projector. But as you’re looking, you should consider the following:

Connection – How will you connect your iPhone or other devices to the projector? The most convenient options provide WiFi connection, but not all do.

Resolution – Many iPhone projectors provide 1080p quality, but there are some below that are 720p.

Price – You can find most iPhone projectors for under or around $100, but our best overall pick is more expensive, but has the best features we’ve found. If you’re looking for a quick and budget iPhone projecting solution, there are options out there for you.

Whether you want to cozy up inside and watch a movie or you want to enjoy your favorite picture and video memories with friends, an iPhone projector is a great addition to your arsenal of devices.

Below are our favorite iPhone projectors available right now.


1. Anker Nebula Capsule Max Mini Portable Projector for iPhone


There’s a lot to like about this mini iPhone projector. It’s small enough to slip right into your bag, it sports Airplay to cast content right from your iPhone and auto-focus provides a clear picture within moments of turning on the projector. It comes equipped with Android 8.1 to download and stream content from your favorite streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and others. Sure, it’s pricier than others, but it’s certainly worth the money.

Anker Nebula Capsule Max Mini Portable Projector for iPhone Courtesy of Amazon

2. Elephas Mini Projector for iPhone


Similar to the Topvision 5500L, you can connect your iPhone, laptop and other media devices to this projector. The big difference from other iPhone projectors is you can stream content via WiFi eliminating the need to physically connect your iPhone or Android to the projector. The result is 1080p quality visuals that will be blown up to fit a 200-inch wall. It’s one of the best cheap mini projectors for iPhone available.

Elephas Mini Projector for iPhone Courtesy of Amazon

3. Topvision 5500L Outdoor Movie Projector


Coming in as one of the best mini projectors for iPhone under $100 is the Topvision 5500L. Connect your phone with a lighting-to-HDMI cable and the projector mirrors the content on your phone. The projector works from five to 17 feet away, but is recommended to be placed about 9.8 feet from a wall. Beyond working with your iPhone, you can also plug in USB sticks, an Amazon Fire stick as well as laptops and tablets to stream your favorite content. The cherry on top is the super affordable price tag for this projector.

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Topvision 5500L Outdoor Movie Projector Courtesy of Amazon

4. Hompow Mini Projector


If you’re looking for a iPhone projector on a budget, you should consider the Hompow Mini Projector. Through a physical cable connection, you can connect your iPhone or Android phone and project photos and videos. Unfortunately, the cable does not come with the projector. It supports 1080p resolution and has a projector lamp that is rated to last up to 30 years without being swapped out.

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Hompow Mini Projector Courtesy of Amazon

5. Miroir Surge Series


Through the HDMI input, you can connect your iPhone or other media devices to this projector and cast it onto the big screen. It boasts a three-hour battery life, so short of The Irishman, you should be able to get through whatever content you’re viewing before it needs a power-up. It even has a built-in speaker for an all-in-one setup, although, there is a 3.5mm audio out to connect additional speakers if desired.

Miroir Surge Series Courtesy of Amazon

6. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector


This projector is literally small enough to fit in your pocket, giving you the ability to blow up the contents on your phone anywhere you’d like. To do so, you’ll need a lighting-to-AV adapter and an HDMI cable, or a lighting-to-HDMI cable, which are sold separately. Once you’re connected you’re pretty much good to go. For optimal performance, this projector is best used in a dim to dark setting.

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector Courtesy of Amazon

7. Dbpower Native WiFi Projector


With over 1,000 ratings and 4.5 stars on Amazon, this is the people’s choice pick. You can stream content to the projector from your iPhone or other mobile devices over WiFi — no need for a physical connection although there are plenty of ports for that as well. This projector also features 4D keystone correction allowing for vertical and horizontal adjustments to provide the best picture possible. And with a lamp that is rated to last 1,000,000 hours, you’ll likely never have to change out the lamp.

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Dbpower Native WiFi Projector Courtesy of Amazon


8. Mooka WiFi Projector


This handy iPhone projector connects to your iPhone and other devices via WiFi, but you can also connected devices through HDMI, USB, AV and 3.5mm ports providing plenty of connectivity options. The projector gets plenty bright with 7,500 lumens of brightness making it ideal for different lighting situations. The lamp is also rated to last up to 50,000 hours which you’ll get plenty of use out of it before ever thinking about replacing the bulb. With everything you get, it’s no wonder it has such a great Amazon rating.

Mooka WiFi Projector Courtesy of Amazon
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