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Get Next-Gen Gaming With This PS5 And God Of War Ragnarok Bundle With $50 Off

Amazon has a great bundle on sale today for anyone without a PlayStation 5, which is still a fair few people as it’s not especially cheap, and can sometimes be hard to find. This bundle has the disc version of the console paired with the immensely good God of War Ragnarok, and while it would normally cost $559.99, it’s 9% off today, making it $509.00, which is a nice discount on such an impressive bit of technology.

God of War Ragnorok is undoubtedly one of the best PS5 games at the moment, and also one of the best exclusives. The game tells more of the story of how Kratos is doing after murdering his way through the Greek pantheon of gods, and also how he’s adjusting to the one truly insurmountable challenge many men face: fatherhood. Of course, most people don’t have to contend with big old snakes and even more gods, but hey, everyone has struggles.

The game’s amazing, and the PlayStation 5 is becoming more valuable as time goes on too. That’s mostly because of Sony’s attempt at Game Pass, which is their upgrade PlayStation Plus offerings, which now includes a sizeable library of games to play, both from modern and retro consoles. SPY recommends grabbing this and one of the best gaming bean bag chairs, and then just taking the week off to enjoy life.

$509.00 $559.99 9% off

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The PlayStation 5 is a truly wonderful console that features a lightning-fast SSD that allows games to load in almost unreal time. It means that games can be far superior in their design, and seamless in their execution. God of War Ragnarok takes advantage of all of that power and brings a stunningly beautiful story to life that continues on from the reboot of God of War, and shows the world more of how Kratos does in fatherhood. He probably shouts “BOY!” a lot too, because everyone knows that’s at least part of the appeal.