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This Wireless Interface Helps You Make Sweet Music on Your Apple Devices

* Supports both USB-MIDI and 5-pin
* Bluetooth wireless coverage over 30 feet
* Very low latency

MIDI controllers (musical instrument digital interface) have been around for a long time. They are a great way of getting your musical instruments, like keyboards and drum pads, to connect and communicate with your digital audio workstation (e.g. GarageBand).

But as computers have transitioned to more mobile devices, iPads and iPhones have become the tool of choice for many aspiring musicians on-the-go. What nobody wants these days are clumsy cords needed to hook up instruments to an iPad. Enter the puc+ wireless MIDI interface. This Bluetooth device connects your MIDI instruments to your iPhone, iPad or Mac without the cumbersome cords. It truly brings your devices into the 21st century. 


The puc+ works by wirelessly connecting to your digital audio workstation apps on iPhone, iPad or Mac. Gone are the cumbersome connections of cords from device to instrument and so forth. Now, all you need to do is connect your instrument to the puc+ and then connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Apple device. You no longer need to worry about tethering your iPhone or iPad with bulky lines. Now you can have mobility around the studio, less worry about dragging or tripping over cords and freedom to worry about what’s really important: the music.

The puc+ has USB and traditional 5-pin connectors, so you won’t have any problems hooking up your instruments. Its Bluetooth connection offers very low latency and over 30 feet of wireless connection. This means you can be or move anywhere in a room, not have to worry about lag to your apps and just focus on the music.

The puc+ truly is the answer for a cord-free recording studio on-the-go.

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