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The Rapid X Car Charger Saves a Lot of Stress on Road Trips

* Portable charger features five USB ports to charge multiple devices at once
* Rapid charging capable (charges twice as fast)
* 5-foot cable extends to passengers in backseat

There’s no shortage of car chargers on the market, but there are a few that stand-out for their versatility and quick charging ability. The Rapid X charger does both. This car phone charger has no fewer than five USB ports, packing 2.4 charging amps each, allowing you to charge a mobile phone or other USB-powered device up to twice as fast as a standard car charger.

The Rapid X charger is small enough to sit unobtrusively in the center console and comes with a 5-foot cable so that it’s easy for backseat passengers to stay connected. Made for road trips, the Rapid X charger can deliver rapid charging of mobile devices, action cameras and more to the whole car, thanks to its 10.8-amp capacity.

If you’re going on a summer road trip with family or friends and find that all but one of your car’s 12V ports are in use — a not too unlikely scenario — the Rapid X charger can come to the rescue and prevent squabbling over whose phone gets to be plugged in. Now your backseat passengers can look at Instagram the entire way, without fear of a dead phone battery forcing them to look out the window at the vast fields of the San Joaquin or the majestic crags of the Sierras, unable to share such sights to their stories.

Unlike some third-party chargers, the Rapid X supports intelligent charging and allows devices to charge at the quickest rate they’re compatible with, preventing surges and overcharges. It also features a handy clip on design for its USB hub, allowing it to be securely attached to setbacks or console vents.

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